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I, ThaddeusSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is very useful when it comes to getting your site out there and visited by the teeming masses. Those who engage in SEO are wise, virtuous, and looked upon with the highest reverence. Thaddeus Barnes is an SEO wunderkind, touring the world on his private jet populated by beautiful groupies and fitted with the most opulent furnishings imaginable. They say that his kindness knows no boundaries and every passing whim that flits through his brilliant mind is a work of art. He can make your website rank #1 on every major search engine just by looking at it. He’s the man who killed Dogpile. In a world gone mad, he is a strong and steady anchor. This, his 27th blog, will rock you 27 times as hard as you’ve ever been rocked before. Once you start reading this blog, it’s like a rocketship: You can’t get off, you just have to ride it out until the end. And in the process you will discover brave new vistas of SEO and findings that one would never dream of in one’s wildest imaginings. Don’t panic. It is an intense journey but you will come out of it stronger. Here it comes. Brace yourself for its SEO tips, tricks, articles, and news.

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