SEO 27 Home Ranking 101: A Crash Course in SEO Marketing

Ranking 101: A Crash Course in SEO Marketing


The methods taught in this video are designed to help those who want to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines. SEO marketing is at the core of this process and must be managed appropriately to get those rankings and then keep them. The first thing to keep in mind is that the site needs to load quickly. Choose five keywords that are directly related with the page, services and products being offered.

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SEO marketing isn’t about using the most competitive words. When building content around these keywords, they develop content that is strong in search, making it easy to locate these keywords.

Search content should include headers that break up the content including pros, cons, and other factors like pricing and benefits that can be compared to other options. In order to strengthen optimization, there should be a title, an intro of approximately one hundred words, and a few other groups that mention the keyword to let the search engine know that this article covers that particular topic. There isn’t a need to overstuff keywords. The design of the content needs to be organized and structured. Smaller paragraphs and easy to read font will capture the attention of readers. Large paragraphs can be intimidating, especially on mobile devices and keep readers from interacting, even with keywords in the content.

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