SEO 27 Uncategorized An Enlightening Interview with Phil Laboon, President and CEO of Clear Sky SEO

An Enlightening Interview with Phil Laboon, President and CEO of Clear Sky SEO


Mr. Phil Laboon, President and CEO of Clear Sky SEO, was recently gracious enough to grant us a short interview in order to talk about his company, the ever-changing environment of web marketing, and the future as he sees it. Clear Sky SEO, a Pittsburgh-based web marketing company, focuses on providing cost-effective web marketing for small businesses of all types.

Phil, thanks so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to talk with us about your company, Clear Sky. What was it that brought you into the world of online marketing, specifically search engine optimized (SEO) marketing? What was the goal from the get-go?

Phil Laboon: Clear Sky is part of a larger parent company that has been around since 2001. Clear Sky was started because of a need for low budget, effective SEO services for small businesses.

We’ve really seen the need for effective SEO explode within the last couple of years, especially for small businesses who lack the resources to handle a full web marketing campaign in-house. Is there a part of your industry that you find most challenging or interesting?

PL: Google’s ever changing algorithm. In order to be competitive as an SEO company, you have to try and stay one step ahead of what Google plans to do next, and when they do make changes, you have to figure how those changes may affect your clients. Clear Sky tries to stay one step ahead of Google, so when they release new updates, our clients don’t lose any of their current rankings.

SEO truly does represent some of the hardest to navigate waters in the Internet Age. Google, which commands nearly 70% of the search engine market share, is updating almost constantly. That sort of constant change can have a very negative effect on the internet marketing industry as a whole. Does the volatility of SEO, as critics have said, mark it as a short term fad that will fizzle out?

PL: Internet marketing is here to stay. When you hear about a product or service on the radio or the TV or in a print ad that interests you, what do you do? You Google it to find out more information. We think that traditional advertising is on its way out and more and more people are going to invest in internet marketing. In order to be competitive in your industry these days, you have to be online. And you have to be at the top of the search results.

Phil Laboon is President and CEO of Clear Sky SEO, a web marketing firm specializing in internet advertising for small businesses. Those interested in Clear Sky’s expertise can find out more at, or call 877.723.0016. Steel City locals can visit the firm’s offices at 1013 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh PA 15203.

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