SEO 27 Low field nmr,Tabletop nmr Are You Considering a Career in the Math and Science Fields

Are You Considering a Career in the Math and Science Fields


When your daughter first announced that she was going to major in chemistry at college, you were not quite sure what to expect. As she found internship after internship in the summers, however, it became a little more clear that she would certainly find plenty of ways to make a living with her love for science and all things that have to do with chemistry.

When she announced that she was going to be working with a company that specialized in low field NMR spectrometer applications you knew that she certainly had found her calling. Working with others who were just as interested in talking about and measuring magnetic fields and and hydrogen nuclei had captured her heart as well as her mind. Her work engaged her in a way that made her days fly by and kept her looking forward to the next day at work. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a physical phenomenon that is completely bewildering to you, but she can talk for hours about how nuclei in a strong static magnetic field are perturbed by a weak oscillating magnetic field and other details of how her day is spent.

Out Future Depends on STEM Field Interest and Progress

Science, technology, engineering, and math students can find all kinds of work in a world that continues to expand by leaps and bounds. In fact, today’s college students seem completely comfortable knowing that they will likely be working in fields that are not even known today. The best prepared of these college graduates, in fact, will likely continue to find new ways to use low field NMR spectrometer applications.
Far from a new technology, the first commercial spectrometers were created and quickly became a key tool for research chemists in the 1950s. Today, nearly 60 years later, NMR is one of the top analytical methods, and one of the most useful, in modern chemistry. Chemistry that can be used in many fields, including pharmaceuticals. In fact, drug discovery is a multi-billion dollar industry and chemists play an integral role in many points on the drug discovery roadmap.
Finding a way to make sure that you enjoy your future career means that you need to follow your interests and your strengths.

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