SEO 27 HOMEPAGE Do You Know What SEO Is or How It Can Help You?

Do You Know What SEO Is or How It Can Help You?


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Let me guess. At the last staff meeting your boss very adamantly praised the idea of SEO, and he forcefully suggested that you look into some SEO tips and tricks. And here you are, trying to find the best SEO tips and tricks that you can, but not actually knowing what this SEO is that your boss is so excited, and insistent, about.

But there is nothing to be concerned about, you have come to the right place. Here you can learn what exactly SEO is, why it is so important, and then get a few good starter tips to set you in the right direction for continued SEO success.

  • What Is SEO?
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the internet marketing procedure that looks at how search engines rank websites, and then crafts the website’s presence to play to those criteria. By making sure that your website looks good and relevant in the eyes of the search engines, you are improving your chances of the search engines ranking it higher among their results.

    SEO is the modern day billboard or radio advert. Everything is done online now, including business and advertising. And the whole point of any type of advertising is to make sure that your company is found where people are most likely to look. By improving your chances of ranking higher on the search results, you are increasing your chances of being found, which increase your chances of gaining traffic, and therefore gaining more business.

  • Why Have It?
  • Nearly 90% of people find new products or services through internet searches. Over 80% of people start each internet foray with a search. And of those people doing searches, about 80% will only click on the top five organic search results. If you do not fit into all of that criteria, you are only appealing to 20% of internet users. You are much less likely to be found, and much less likely to be clicked.

  • SEO Tips and Tricks
  • There are plenty of different free SEO tips blogs out there, but one thing to look out for is any SEO Google tips. The thing is, Google gets over 75% of the entire internet search engine traffic. If you want to be found, you are not going to be concerned with how DogPile ranks their sites. Completely shaping your site around what Google looks for in a website is one of the best bets for getting the higher ranking where it matters most.

What do you think? SEO sounds pretty important now, right? Now you do not have to look at your boss and nod cluelessly. With this information, you can even start looking for more in-depth information about SEO, and can therefore begin your own SEO work too. That will really wow your boss.

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