SEO 27 Hospitality software companies,Hotel management system software,Hotel reservations software Does Your Hotel Have Updated Management Software? You Could Be Losing Customers Otherwise

Does Your Hotel Have Updated Management Software? You Could Be Losing Customers Otherwise


Latest trends in hotel industry technology

Hotels and motels are an inexorable part of the American landscape. After all, the country is always on the move and these establishments offer countless individuals and families alike a safe haven to rest and recoup after a lengthy traveling period. Hotel management systems combine a mixture of modern software, common sense and smart customer service techniques to provide people the best possible service while saving vital money. If you’ve found your bed and breakfast reservation software is out-of-date or you want to know about the latest trends in hotel industry technology, you’ve come to the right article. Look below to learn about how hotel management systems need to keep moving forward as quickly as its consumers.

How Much Does The Hotel Industry Make?

Hotels and motels have been enjoying consistent success for years. The global hotel industry, in a more general sense, generates nearly $500 billion in revenue on an annual basis. Just the year prior the global hotel industry raked in $550, meaning hotel front desk software and hospitality systems essential additions to your business. Without proper technology to weather daily problems, your customers can potentially turn to your competition to cure what ails them.

What Do Customers Prefer?

There are multiple aspects you need to keep in mind if you want your hotel or motel to stand out amid the competition. Studies have shown three out of four travelers will plan to return to a destination they have visited previously, making repeat customers the foundation of many hotels and motels. Building loyalty with a mere 5% more customers has been found to lead an increased average profit between 25% to even 100% per customer. Likewise, even a minor customer loss can have a major impact down the road.

What Do Customers Dislike?

Turning away a customer can have disastrous results on your business model. The top two reasons for customer loss is that customers felt poorly treated by hotel or motel staff. The second is because a company failed to address a problem in a timely manner, such as a broken shower or lost luggage. Last, but not least, cleanliness is a major issue and something that can turn off even the most dedicated consumer. Hotel management systems can make these processes a lot easier than before, allowing you to better record vital information and address your customers’ needs faster, smarter and better.

How Are Travel Trends Changing?

With so many Americans on the move, it stands to reason you’ll want to stay caught up on all the latest trends. BandB travelers, for example, look to the following when deciding on where to stay. Consumer reviews are the most popular at half of all respondents, with photos following close behind and friend recommendations at a solid third spot. Likewise, flexible cancellation policies and the ability to book online are much preferred in a hectic landscape. The average no-show rate is still at a noticeable 10% for most hotels and motels and travelers will conduct up to 17 research sessions before booking. Consider this when looking up your hotel management systems software options.

What Does My Hotel Need?

For your hotel or motel to stay relevant in these changing times you need accurate technology to reflect your customers’ desires. Studies have shown more than half of Millennials and Gen Xers saying cost is a barrier to leisure travel, while only 25% of Boomers plan on taking domestic trips. Likewise, mobile queries within the travel category have increased by 50% over the past few years and over 50% of people constantly use their mobile devices while traveling. A mobile-friendly website alongside hotel management solutions will make sure both your business and your customers get what they want and in fine form.

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