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Epoxy Resin Is Not Infallible Managing Temperature And Shrinkage With Epoxy Metering Systems


It’s easy to take for granted the middleman.

Many people tend to live life in extremes, whether on a personal or a business level. It’s all the little elements in-between, however, that get us to the destination. Nowhere is this more true than the adhesive dispensing system. Designed to provide the smoothest and most effective mixture, no job is complete without this modern version of the middleman. If you notice your adhesive coming out runny or bubbly, it’s time to make the switch.

A small change can give you big results. From temperature to the different epoxy resin dispensing machines, we’re going to look at it all below.

Let’s appreciate the proverbial middleman a little more. You can find all sorts of materials and tools in your everyday life connecting one thing to another. Bridges are perhaps the best known, while glue and nails are frequently (and intentionally) overlooked. Epoxy is one of the most commonly used surfaces today, favored for its shiny luster and ability to push back both temperature and moisture. You’ll find it on the floors of buildings, courts, hallways, schools, and small businesses.

Dispensing it properly, however, isn’t as simple as squeezing a bottle. You have to ensure every little factor lines up…lest you end up with a runny mess and a lot of wasted time. The metered liquid dispenser is necessary for you to create a proper finish each and every time. This will save you both time and money in an already difficult job. These come in the form of gear metering systems, epoxy dispenser pumps, and the epoxy dispenser gun for more delicate operations.

Contrary to popular belief, the epoxy is far from a new creation. The condensation of epoxides and amines was first reported and patented by Paul Schlack in Germany, all the way back in the 1930’s. It would then be sold to various companies and eventually turned into one of the best known surface materials of all time. Potting solutions come in a few varieties for your need, but all of them need meter mix dispensing systems. These will give you fine control over temperature and consistency.

Starting with temperature, it’s important to remember that potting compounds tend to shrink as they cure. This can be as much as 3% for any unfilled epoxy potting compound, which can cause you to go back and fill in the gaps. This will result in an inferior finish that can frustrate your employers. Some epoxy resin and hardener combinations cure at an ambient temperature, while most will require some form of heat. The most common range is 150 degrees Celsius, with specialist systems preferring 200 degrees Celsius.

Mind your shelf life as you choose your potting solutions and meter mix systems. The type of heat you use will change how long your final result lasts. The strength of today’s epoxy adhesives will degrade at temperatures above 175 degrees Celsius. One-component products usually have shorter shelf lives than your standard two-component systems. These will then require cooled storage and transport so you’re not given an unpleasant surprise upon arrival.

A strong start and a strong finish need a good middleman. Give your potting solutions the best quality with an epoxy mixing system.

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