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The world of marketing and advertising is not easy but it is a world that all business owners must enter if they want to find success. Dealing with the right forms of advertising and marketing is not easy, it is tough to know what people want in your advertisements. Luckily for you and other business owners, there are people who spend four years or more studying advertising and marketing and they are built to help you with this job.

The best forms of marketing often involve large format printing, digital printing, poster printing, oversized printing, and other actions performed by printing companies. Now, I am sure it sounds silly for me to explain to you that printing is the key to successful marketing, but it definitely is and there are statistics that prove this. Here is what you need to know about banner printing and the marketing of your business.

The number one rule of thumb for designing graphics for a booth at an expo is that 40% of the graphic design should contain empty space. Yes, nearly half of your graphic design should be completely blank. This will help you attract people to your business which is important because just about 50% of exhibitors truly value the ability to meet with a variety of players face to face including suppliers, resellers, and even customers.

The projected value of an on-site sign is equal to a 24 full-page newspaper advertisement so that shows just how valuable banner printing and other forms of signage are for marketing. Just about 50% of all customers have stated that they will enter a business just because they saw an appealing sign. So understand that you can engage with a large number of customers with simple banner printing.

Good banner printing and signage is important because customers living near your business will see your sign nearly 60 times a month so make sure it is a good sign. People are much more engaged with printed material over digital material as well, although studies have yet to prove why this is so. Just about 35% of all customers will find out about local businesses by simply seeing the sign while passing the business.

A 300 line newspaper ad will cost you just about $3 per one thousand views and may only reach 53% of the market whereas one single on-site sign will only cost $0.02 per one thousand views. Just about 85% of your customers will live or work within a five-mile radius of your business so get good banner printing to attract them. On average a business will put forth almost half of their overall budget towards signage to attract customers because there is a strong return on their investment

In Conclusion

There is no question that banner printing is an important part of advertising and marketing especially if it is in the physical form. So often people will overlook digital advertising because they are on the hunt for a certain item on the internet. However, if someone has physical advertising they are much more likely to look through the physical advertisement for all the information that they want.

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