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Finding Rewarding Careers in Robotics and Internet of Things



The economy is changing fast, and with it the nature of work itself. The impact of new technology can be seen in everything from robotics to energy management to consumer technologies like the internet of things or IoT. That’s where the new jobs are, and where job-seekers should focus their efforts. With the right training and skills, they can find a long and rewarding career in these fields.

A career in robotics
Robotics is a fast-growing sector in many different industries. In just the first half of 2015, North American robotics companies supplied 14,232 robots, worth a total of $840 million. Robots are used in industries where they can perform certain tasks more accurately or efficiently than humans, and in jobs that are too difficult or dangerous for humans. They are used for everything from auto manufacturing to steel production to deep sea exploration and underwater construction.
This rapid expansion opens up jobs for skilled workers. Typical job designations in the field include Robotic Systems Developer, Programmer, Designer, Welder, and Automation Engineering. Anyone looking for a career in robotics will find plenty of new opportunities with the proper training. Many schools and summer camps now include robotics, programming, and artificial intelligence in their educational programs. Universities have added robot programming to first year computer science courses, and offer degrees in robotics, from the undergraduate to doctoral levels. Many technical schools also offer certifications in the field.

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly
Internet of Things or IoT is a developing field in the world of consumer technologies. It refers to connected devices that can send and receive data and requests via the internet. Its most familiar applications are in smart or wired homes, with security, lighting, climate control, and entertainment systems connected to mobile devices. The term was first coined around 15 years ago, but is now being widely used as more and more devices are connected.
The number of connected devices stands at around 13 billion today. This includes everything from lighting fixtures to climate control and automobiles. It is projected to more than treble to 50 billion connected devices by 2020. This makes IoT a promising career. Internet of things recruiters are looking for skills like engineering design and software developers

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, and along with them, the workplace as well. New fields like robotics and consumer technologies are opening up job and career opportunities with plenty of potential for growth. Job seekers who focus on getting the right training and skills can look forward to rewarding careers in these fields.

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