SEO 27 HOMEPAGE Five Free Tips for SEO Techniques

Five Free Tips for SEO Techniques


Beginners guide seo

Are you interested in learning search engine optimization techniques? After working for several years in the SEO industry, I can give you free SEO tips. By optimizing your website so that it appears higher in search rankings, you will maximize online exposure for your company.

First, my best SEO tip. Figure out what they key words and phrases are for the product or service your website is trying to sell. Some of the key words will be obvious, while others are associative words that are less predictable but no less successful at drawing web searchers to your site. For example, most of us would think to include the words math and division on a website for calculators. But what about finance, or state exams? These are also relevant searches but not ones that jump immediately to mind.

Two, make sure the content on your site is interesting, relevant copy, since an estimated eighty percent of web traffic is generated just by your natural, on site content. Therefore, using key words and giving constant attention to the goals of your site is prurient.

Three, any beginners guide SEO would be incomplete without mentioning that poorly produced copy is largely a thing of the past. As any SEO techniques blog will probably tell you, search engine engineers are constantly retooling search engines to ignore fake information. A jumble of key words randomly arranged is not going to help your site as much as clean, valuable copy will. And if this is what is drawing people to your site, do you want their first, professional impression of you to be that you are a phrase like free phone now free cheap affordable?

Four, realize that consumers prefer organic searches to paid content. Research shows that eighty percent of search engine users will ignore placed ads at the top of the search page in favor of organic links. This means articles, blogs, blurbs, and other assorted content that shows up on your website.

Five, I would recommend continuing on and finding even more SEO google tips. There are a lot of SEO techniques blog, even SEO techniques blog run by the SEO companies themselves, that will give you their favorite Seo tips and tricks. Everyone has different methods so it is a good idea to research an SEO techniques blog to see what your options are.

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