Four Reasons to Hire a Marketing Firm


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We are in the age of communication. The geographical distance between people who are scattered across the globe no longer restricts them from communicating freely. While there are a number of ways this has transformed life as we know it, one huge impact that the age of communication has had a mankind is that of marketing.

Now, in order for a business to be successful, they must develop a savvy sense of marketing. Businesses without a marketing strategy become irrelevant in a world where customers can easily choose a competitor with the click of a button on the internet.
Some businesses develop a marketing plan by hiring staff who are specially designated to this cause. Others opt to bring in marketing firms to outsource this aspect of the business. While both marketing directions hold merit, the strategy that we are going to focus on today is that of businesses who hire marketing firms.

When a business outsources their corporate communications to one of the marketing firms in their area rather than managing it in-house, the marketing firms are responsible for tasks like creating their social media presence, improving search engine optimization, and branding. They might also provide IT consulting services such as building the company’s website infrastructure and design. If your business is on the fence about whether hiring marketing firms is worth the money for your company, we hope our list of advantages will give you direction:

  1. Hiring a marketing agency costs you less money.

    On the subject of in-house vs outsourcing marketing approaches, let’s crunch the numbers for you: Depending on the marketing and managed IT services that the marketing firm you use provides, you may spend about $3000 to $5000 a month outsourcing your marketing strategy. This equals about $36,000 to $60,000 a year. On the other hand, hiring a marketing specialist full-time is going to cost you at least $60,000 every year. Every additional staff member that you add in order to provide more marketing services is going to sharply increase the final bill. From a cost perspective, you cannot afford not to hire a marketing firm.

  2. Marketing agencies can scale with your company.

    Your marketing needs will ebb and flow. You may have times when the your business demands more marketing resources, and then you might ebb into into “maintenance mode” for cycle, before it picks up again.

    When you staff your marketing team in house, the only way to ramp up new skills is to bring in new staff. Conversely, marketing agencies have cross-functional marketing skills available to you without the investment and commitment that hiring an employee requires.
    Due to the a la carte structure of outsourcing your marketing strategy, when you need fewer marketing resources, you can reduce the services you pay for, and when you need to focus more towards marketing, you are able to.

  3. Marketing agencies offer a new perspective.

    Many businesses get into a “business as usual” pattern. As the industry changes and more effective marketing tools are available, it is hard for business to evolve at the same rate. On the other hand, when you bring in an outside marketing team, you’re more likely to think outside the box with fresh ideas, and less likely to get engrained in the “same old same old.”

  4. Marketing agencies are hip with what’s hip.

    It is the entire function of a marketing agency to stay in the know with what the next big marketing thing is. Your marketing firm was developing mobile apps before you knew what they were. There is not a social network that is foreign to a marketing firm. Whatever the next big marketing thing is, you can bet money that a marketing firm will be in on it. Meanwhile, your company is (hopefully) up to your eyeballs in the service it provides, as well as the other concerns of running a business: invoicing, human resources, 401(k) plans, IT compliance, and so on. With everything you are juggling, it is next to impossible for you to always stay on top of the latest marketing technologies, like a marketing firm is able to.

Have you ever hired a marketing agency? We want to hear about your experience in the comment section below!

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