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Helicopter Vibration Analysis Facts, Information, and More


One of the most important industries without a doubt is the aviation industry. First and foremost, the aviation industry provides important and reliable transportation for so many Americans as they travel long distances across the country and across the globe. However, there so many wonderfully complex and interest aspects of this industry, like a helicopter vibration analysis.

The FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, estimates that aviation supports 10,600,000 jobs in the United States every year. Thus, there are so many people that rely on the extremely important safety procedures of the aviation industry. This surely includes running a helicopter vibration analysis to test the safety of helicopters. Here are more facts on helicopter track and balance equipment, vibration analysis with a vibration analyzer, and more:

What Is A Helicopter Vibration Analysis

In 2017, the sales of commercial helicopters across the globe managed to hit $5 billion. This is an absolutely staggering number and points to the pure importance of a helicopter vibration analysis. After all, these commercial helicopters are usually used for some type of tourist business service as a helicopter tour. Thus, they need to be tested and kept as safe as possible!

Simply put, a helicopter vibration analysis involves testing for good and bad vibrations. Sometimes, a helicopter naturally vibrates because of the manner in which it takes to the ky. However, vertical vibration involves an unequal lift coming from the main rotor blades. This is something that helicopter pilots must keep an eye on and the same is said for helicopter commercial tour companies as well!

Across the globe, people go on flights every single day. Most airports are continuously busy from the start of the day to the end of the day. It is very rare to ever find a flight that is empty or close to empty. As a matter of fact, customers have to search far and wide for that type of empty flight experience.

With there being so many aviation devices, it is essential to have key tests like a helicopter vibration analysis. People should feel as safe as possible while on a helicopter, especially if they are on a tour while on vacation. Therefore, any commercial helicopter company needs to take time to monitor and service their helicopter.

Why Does A Helicopter Vibration Analysis Matter>

In 2017, there was an impressive number of aircraft mechanics and service technicians working across the country. This number managed to reach a staggering 131,500 workers. Thus, customers should feel as safe as possible thanks to this serious sense of attention given to helicopter safety. After all, more mechanics means better servicing and inspections!

A helicopter rotor can sometimes cause a vibration that is natural. However, too much of a vibration is not only dangerous but uncomfortable for customers as well. Therefore, it is important for companies to constantly monitor their helicopters through helicopter vibration analysis and vibration balancing equipment.

Any commercial helicopter that fails to properly inspect their is making a huge mistake. Not only is this dangerous but it is generally a good way to develop a bad reputation. All it takes is for a few poor customer experiences and potential future customers may look elsewhere for a helicopter experience. Therefore, the importance of a helicopter vibration analysis cannot be overstated.

In Conclusion

The best way to impress customers at a commercial helicopter service is by prioritizing safety. When crews run down a safety guide, it helps customers feel more comfortable and they buy into the experience of the helicopter tour. Make sure that all of your helicopters get a helicopter vibration analysis test to make sure they are operating well!

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