SEO 27 Cat5e network cables,Highspeed hdmi cable,Surge protectors for computer How a Siamese Video Cable Will Make Your Security System Stronger and More Effective

How a Siamese Video Cable Will Make Your Security System Stronger and More Effective


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Wireless technology is all the rage these days. Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly more available, faster, and cheaper. Apple, the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world, recently introduced wireless headphones to the iPhone 6, its 9th generation iPhone. Now, wireless televisions are becoming more and more popular. So, if wireless is taking over the world, why should you even consider continuing using wired services such as hdmi cables, cat5 cables, ethernet cables, usb cables, or a siamese video cable? Well, while wireless is seemingly more convenient, wired connections continue to be the most reliable form of connection today.

When it comes to security, the high-tech capability of wireless systems may seem enticing and the most obvious choice. However, these types of wireless systems are much easier to hack into, thus rendering them obsolete. For example, any other type of wireless device, from cell-phones to bluetooth devices to baby monitors, can potentially cause interference with your own wireless technology. Also, people familiar with wireless video monitoring systems know that a frequency jammer device can be all that is needed to temporarily disable your wireless camera.

With a wired camera utilizing a siamese video cable, you are able to prevent any type of hacking or disabling much easier. In addition to being less prone to interference, you also guarantee a better picture quality. Despite the advancement of wireless networks and wireless technology in general, the picture quality of devices from computers to televisions to security cameras are known to be inconsistent. When installing a security camera, the last thing you need to worry about is knowing whether or not you can count on its effectiveness.

In conclusion, by using a siamese video cable device you give yourself and your security system the best chance at a high quality image and audio with less fear of your video camera becoming compromised. While many aspects of modern technology turn to wireless, never completely disregard the value and effectiveness of the simple, yet always reliable, siamese cable.

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