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How SEO and Web Design Keeps Your Business From Failing


Online marketing

As technology evolves and time goes on, the way people find your business may also change. It’s important to stay on top of the developments in order to stay relevant in this day and age. It’s becoming more common for businesses falter now that the process of advertisement and marketing has changed completely. It has become pretty clear that if you are not online, you are not prospering. Even if you have a website, you must keep it maintained and in good order to gain and keep the interest of possible consumers. In fact, if a web page takes more than three seconds to load 40% of visitors will leave the website. The stakes are high and there is certainly no time to waste when it comes to keeping your business on the map.

When obtaining or even improving a website for your business, it is important to understand what comes along with keeping it running. You may have a few questions: How do people even get to your website? How do you keep people interested and coming back? There are two basic answers to questions like these; which are SEO and website design. These subjects are two simple yet imperative components of online marketing.


Search engines are one of the best tools we have access to, and they make finding anything we want incredibly easy. A total of 100 billion searches are done globally each month. Search Engine Optimization is a handy way to get your website to show up in the results of search engines, such as Google. You use SEO by writing content relevant to what your business is about. The important part of SEO is using keywords in your content that people will be using in search engines in order to find your website. If optimized correctly, your website will show up in the first pages of search results for a relevant keyword. SEO really is an important part of marketing online, as 93% of people begin their experiences online by using a search engine and 75% of people will not go past the first page of results.

Website Design

So after a consumer finds your website from a search engine, first impressions matter a lot. Chances are that if your website is outdated or looks unappealing, visitors will leave without even taking a second look. When it comes to the deciding the credibility of a company, 46% of people think that a website’s design is the number one influencing factor. This goes for mobile interfaces as well, nearly half of users say that if a website is not compatible with mobile phones, it gives the impression that the business does not care. You may think it’s easy enough to take this task into your own hands, but the help of a professional web designer can guarantee the outcome of a polished looking website. Professional custom design and branding is widely available to help you find the best website design unique to your company. Being able to get your business across professionally and truthfully can help your success greatly.

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