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How to Choose the Best Biological Pharmaceutical Storage Facility


Proper storage of pharmaceutical and biological materials is an essential part of GMP compliance. Not just that, but it maintains the integrity of your laboratory’s products and findings.

Pharmaceutical and biological products and samples require controlled storage and transit conditions. It ensures that their value and potency is not compromised.

The importance of cold delivery services is often underestimated. But statistics state that $150,000 per small package shipment is lost when pharmaceutical companies experience temperature slips during shipment.

Here are the factors you should put into consideration when choosing a biological pharmaceutical storage facility.

Temperature Control in Storage

Most biological samples will degrade under the wrong temperature. But exposing others to cycles of freezing and thawing will deteriorate the sample. The storage temperature of each biological sample will vary with its nature, the solution in which it is suspended, the anticipated storage period, and its intended use.

The right company should be capable of storing your samples in a variety of conditions such as:

· LN2 storage condition

· Vapor Phase LN2 storage

· Ultra-low Freezer Storage

· Freezer Storage

· Refrigerated Storage


· Room temperature

A single mistake in the storage conditions could be costly to your laboratory. Check the cold storage equipment of the facility. Confirm that the company uses accurate freezers and cryopreservation equipment. They should have an uninterrupted power supply.

Seasonal climatic conditions should not affect storage conditions. Map the biostorage facility at both extreme temperature seasons, summer and winter. It will provide you with an idea of its real tolerance.

Cold Chain Logistics Services

Sample management does not just focus on the storage, but in transportation as well. Check that the company offers cold delivery services.

They should own temperature-controlled vehicles that will ship pharmaceutical and biological samples without compromising the integrity of the products. They should have the capability to customize cold delivery services that meet the temperature requirements of your samples.

They should have real-time location tracking and temperature monitoring of these vehicles. The ideal prospective pharmaceutical storage facility will also have reasonable experience in offering cold shipping solutions.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a biological pharmaceutical Storage Facility

Here are some other factors that will come into play when choosing the right company.

1. Security

Most samples are irreplaceable, and therefore storing these products in an insecure environment is not an option. Ask for the security measures that the facility has put in place to guarantee the safety of your samples. They should offer the highest level of protection both in storage and while offering cold delivery services. For instance, they should have intrusion detection alerts and real-time monitoring of dedicated vehicles

2. Sample Monitoring and Management System

You should get a company that has a monitoring and management system which offers you full access to your samples in spite of your location. It should provide you with access to the real-time condition of your sample, 24 hours a day. It ensures that you stay in control of your sample’s management.

3. In-depth Knowledge of the Industry

You should work with a company whose employees are highly trained and experienced in handling sensitive pharmaceutical and biological samples. The company should also operate with Standard Operating Procedures related to sample management. They should be knowledgeable about GMP Compliance.

4. Technological Advancement

Innovative minds are always coming up with new technologies that improve on the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical and biological samples and products. The best facility will be quick to adopt beneficial technologies into their biostorage systems. But they should only adapt after carrying out proper tests on the effectiveness of these new technologies.

The storage of biological samples is a sensitive issue. It requires strict temperature monitoring, both in storage and while offering cold delivery services. The right storage facility will ensure that your samples are safe. It should provide you with unlimited access to real-time data on the samples’ conditions. It should be supervised by experts with relevant experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. The experts should stay on top of technological advancements that would improve the sample management process.

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