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How To Choose The Best Body Camera For You


As technology continues to advance, there is almost no excuse for police forces to not have body cameras on all their officers. But, in 2015 only one-third of police departments were using body cams. Hopefully, in seven years that number has increased. But, how much does a police body camera cost? Well, in this video you will learn about different types of police body cams on the market.

There are many benefits of police body cameras. For starters, it’s an easier way for police officers to keep a record of what happens on the job. This ensures that police officers act lawfully when dealing with criminals.

The police body camera cost will depend on the different things the cameras offer. Some cameras may only offer visuals with no audio, while others do provide audio. It’s best to have audio as well because it will provide more context to the situation.

Watch through the rest of this video to find what the best type of body camera would be for your police station. Whatever the police body camera cost is, it will be worth it when you need it. It could prevent future lawsuits and keep your station’s image clean from slander.

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