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How to Use the Basic Functions of a TV Remote


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As television and digital cable become more advanced, so too do the TV remote controls. Yes, the additional functionality is meant to enhance the entertainment value of our TV viewing time, but how can we enjoy ourselves when there are so many buttons to use!? These complicated TV remote controls can easily frustrate even the most savvy TV viewer.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all of the options, focus on the basics. For some that’s easier said then done, though, so here’s a quick tutorial on the basics of TV remote controls.

Turning the TV On and Off.

The power button for TV remote controls is typically located in the very top right corner, and is usually red. Most times it’s labeled with the “power” symbol, which can also help you find it. The problem is that some remotes have the additional ability to turn other devices on and off, like the DVD player or the sound system. If that’s the case, there should be another button close by that says “TV” and “cable.” If you want to turn those devices on or off, just press them before you press the TV remote controls’ power button.

Changing the Channel.

If you were to quarter the remote, you’d find the channel changing buttons either on the second or the third portion. Typically, there’s an up arrow and a down arrow, and either the word “channel” or the abbreviation “Ch.” will be between the two. You can use these to flick up or down. If you know the station number that you want to go to, you can press the numbers and it’ll take you there.

Changing the Volume.

Now, on most TV remote controls there are actually two sets of arrow buttons. One is to change the channels, and the other is volume. Just like the channel buttons, the word “volume” or the abbreviation “Vol.” will be between the two. If you have the ability to control both the TV and the cable with your remote, you may have some trouble getting the right volume. For the best results, press the cable button (by the power button) and then adjust the volume to about 75% or 100% of the way there–and then never touch it again. Then, press the “TV” button, and adjust the volume that way. It makes things a lot simpler.

The best part of all this is that if you have to get replacement remote controls for TV, you won’t have to relearn any of this! Every TV remote replacement has these three main functions. Perhaps best of all, the buttons are mainly configured in the same way. This means that the volume and channel selectors will always be in the same spots, regardless of what company manufactures the TV remote controls replacement.

If you have any questions about how to use your TV remote controls, feel free to ask in the comments. See more.

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