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If You’re Considering A Home Theater System, You Need HDMI Wall Plates


Wall plates are great additions to have in home theaters. Specifically, HDMI cable wall plates have the benefit of hiding the long wires within the wall, keeping them neatly out of the way. Wall plates are an easy way to hide these wires, and keep them from bunching up and looking tacky. However, are these plates really worth it? If you want a clean professional look, then I would say yes.

What Are Wall Plates?

Wall plates for home theaters help conceal the HDMI wires running from you consoles to the screen. This allows for a cleaner look, and helps keep wires from becoming disorganized and tangled. It also allows you more freedom with you interior decorating as you don’t have to worry about trying to hide the wires with other means; like large entertainment centers or tables. The leaves the screen area free from clutter, and provides a much nicer viewing experience.

In addition, HDMI plates can be used to hide wires from cable boxes, game consoles, blu ray players, and anything else you have connected. Without these plates, imagine the tangled mess all these wires would become otherwise. Wires can add up quickly, and before you know it your theater space looks sloppy and disorganized.

Wall plates are also available in single, or dual versions. I would advise opting for a dual port, as it offers the option of switching easily between devices. Additionally, even if you are only using one port right now, you never know when you may need to use another. This gives you the option, just in case you need it.

Setting Up Wall Plates

If you are planning a home theater, or if you already have one, but with loose wires, the first step is re-running the wires through the wall. “In wall” HDMI cables are designed with thicker casings to prevent damage during this routing process. Once the wires are set the wall plate is added to allow for seamless integration, without all the mess and hassle.

If you want a truly professional looking home theater, HDMI wall plates are a must. They eliminate the clutter and the tangled mess of multiple wires, in addition to allowing for a clear viewing experience. If you already have a theater setup, and are unsure about installation at any time, some stores may offer installation services. If you are having a theater installed, or are considering it, have you installation team install these plates during the initial process. It’s not an overly difficult process and will take very little extra time to complete.

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