SEO 27 Environmental audit,Environmental phase i Materials Testing for the Environment

Materials Testing for the Environment


Environmental audit

Assessing the quality of the environment involves several different tests that are conducted by trained professionals. Materials testing is often used for determining whether or not certain materials will be destructive to the environment. Environmental Phase I is an assessment on the standards that property buyers, lenders and investors must follower. There are environmental liabilities to be aware of and materials testing is an essential aspect used to audit certain geotechnical elements. There are several areas of data that need to be reviewed in order to come up with a conclusion. Geologic, topographic, and hydrologic, are all areas that are assessed.

An environmental audit must be performed by a lead auditor. Assembling an experienced auditing team is usually the responsibility of a lead auditor. Materials testing will also involve a primary site contact, which usually entails a manager experienced with health and safety. Planning ahead for the benefit of the environment requires developing an agenda and creating an audit plan. Reviewing reports and making necessary changes to correct certain problems is a step that every lead auditor must focus on. Materials testing can be done by one of many different agencies, depending on the type of situation being handled.

The services of a geotechnical engineer are required for certain elements of a project. Audits can be performed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. Certain federal, state, and local organization may also be involved with materials testing and environmental auditing as well. The health and safety of the environment and the people are very important. There are many managerial positions and responsibilities that coincide with environmental auditing that people should be fully aware of. More information about materials testing for environment reasons can be found online at sites like social networks, business directories, and government sites as well.

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