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PTP The Origin of Time Protocol for Systems


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The origin of the clock started thousands of years ago, with some of the earliest indicators of telling time coming from the Egyptians. The Egyptians used an obelisk to tell time, which was a circular object that tracked the movement of the sun. Other civilizations built on this, becoming more astute with time management.

Eventually, pocket watches were built, becoming one of the first ways individuals could tell time at any moment. The pocket watches could be complicated with many small pieces and pricey as well. People used them frequently, with some of the richer members of the society having more sophisticated and expensive pocket watches.

Then, during the beginning of the computer in the 1980’s, a certain time keeping system was invented that synced up computers in a system. This was called Precision Time Protocol. Precision time protocol was an engineering feat as the result of either one man’s work or a team of researcher’s work.

Precision Time Protocol relied on a single computer that was synced up to the major time keeping systems in the world. That single computer became the messenger for each computer in the system, but it had checks as well. When the signal for the time was passed to the next computer, it communicated a message.

The message went to the next computer and the next, with each computer sending messages back and forth so that there were a chain of messages sent to each computer. These messages had corresponding values of time so that incorrect ones were weeded out in the process. This synced up all the computers in a system.

Today, the world uses global positioning system satellites to tell the time. This kinds of time is transmitted through a network, which then responds to the GPS satellites constantly and consistently over a electronic network. These signals keep the time correct on devices like cell phones, computers, and more.

Today, things like the WiFi clock rely on a mix of PTP and the GPS satellites to have a correct reading of time. These are then synced up using a broad network so that preferably everyone’s cell phone, tablet, and computer are all on the same time within a system. This keeps things running on time in society.

The WiFi clock is a good example of this. The WiFi clock runs on a Internet system, where signals are communicated to it through a network. This network has its origins with the global clocks or the GPS satellites, from which the WiFi experiences it signals and corresponds to the right time.

The clock, computer, and GPS system all work together to make the world synced with time. This is the case for electronic devices that are working correctly and not on the fritz with poor electronic components that cause electronic devices to have trouble. This is the issue for many things.

There are many reasons in which someone would rely on a electronic device for time. While watches have been on the out for many years, a person can look at their cell phone or tablet or computer for the time. This can occur at work, when people are looking to see what time it is at work. They may be looking forward to quitting time, which is good.

A person can also look at their electronic devices to tell time when they are waiting for an appointment or have a reminder that has a time stamp on it. A person can also look at their electronic devices to tell the time when they have a date and they are waiting to see if their date will arrive on time.

PTP is one of the first forms of time management within a system. It changed when the GPS satellites were introduced, as people began relying on more personal electronic devices to tell the time. PTP is still in use in many places within a system, while GPS satellites are used more broadly.

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