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We have all had to make a trip to the pharmacy. Whatever the ailment or condition, we can typically have it remedied or at least managed with a prescription filled at the pharmacy. But alongside our prescriptions is a lot of our personal data. We need to feel secure in the fact that our information will not fall into the wrong hands. There have been too many security breaches over the last few years, as technology advances and changes. Pharmacies are updating their systems to ones that are more secure and efficient. Among these upgrades is the expanding use of POS systems, or point of sale systems.

What problems will POS systems solve for you?
Pharmacy point of sale systems streamline everything that the pharmacy needs to keep track of. What problems will POS systems solve for you? Consider all of the information needed to organize all of the prescriptions and personal data involved with them. These systems can quickly and easily record information for each customer, making the transaction go smoothly for everyone involved. The systems are also capable of keeping track of things like loyalty promotions and programs for customers and frequent shopper points. And judging by the incredible rate at which their use is growing, it stands to reason that having all pharmacies using the same technology sets up success for customers in the future. In just one year, from 2011 to 2012, the number of mobile POS terminals grew an astronomical 111% to a total of an impressive 9.5 million terminals.

Who will POS systems affect?
Ideally, as the use of POS terminals continues to grow, everyone will be able to reap the advantages of having such an efficient system at the fingertips of the pharmacist. But take for example the “Baby Boomer” generation. In 2010, people older than 65 made up around 13% of the entire population in the United States. The next year, Baby Boomers began turning 65, which means that projections for the year 2030 has the over-65 group accounting for about 20% of the population. It is estimated that the elderly spend about $10 billion every year on prescription drugs. Almost 25% of people in that age bracket take eight or more drugs. So the ability to quickly, correctly ring up prescriptions will bring customers back, creating a solid, loyal customer base. The proper use of the accurate and efficient systems are also able to guarantee that customers can get all of their prescriptions before going on their way.

What problems will POS systems solve for you? Hopefully all of them. Or at least your pharmacy-related ones.

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