SEO 27 75 ft ethernet cable,Cat6 cables bulk,Cell phone accessories The Newest USB Cables Give You A Major Time Boost Why You Should Upgrade Your Electronics In 2019

The Newest USB Cables Give You A Major Time Boost Why You Should Upgrade Your Electronics In 2019


Shopping for the newest USB cables doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually be a fantastic way to sort out your electronics and make sure you’re saving yourself time and money.

How, exactly, does this work? The first thing you should know about cables is that they’re like the veins in your body. Without properly working veins you can’t expect your heart, lungs, or brain to work to the fullest of their ability. The same goes for that struggling Ethernet connection of yours. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to expand or a remote worker that needs a more efficient set-up, the list below is for you.

Improve your Internet speed and audio-video quality. Here are five essential cables no modern set-up should be without!

Internet A Little Too Slow? Speed Things Up With Better CAT Cables

Little is more frustrating in your day-to-day life than slow Internet. We use it to do just about everything, so a lagging connection can turn a one minute task into a ten minute chore. Speed things along by swapping out your old CAT cables for the latest models. The CAT5 is considered adequate for most basic set-ups, though the CAT5e is just a touch faster. Those that work from home should invest in CAT6 to ensure they’re never left in the position to throw away minutes.

Worried About Your Audio-Video Quality? Invest In DVI To HDMI Cable

You’re streaming a movie when you notice your video quality dipping out. Your audio seems to take a hit, too. Is it a problem with your Ethernet connection or a fault of your cables? Give yourself some peace-of-mind by looking into a better HDMI cable set-up. The HDMI 2.0 hardware is able to support bandwidth of up to 18Gb per second, perfect if you also like to stream on Twitch.

Phone Not Charging Quickly Enough? Your Cell Phone Accessories Need A Boost

It’s not just your television and computer that needs help. We’re connected to our phones 24/7, so a phone that doesn’t charge fast enough is a major pain. A recent study concluded nearly 400 iPhones are sold every minute in the United States — nearly 65% of Americans today own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Experts recommend you don’t wait until your phone is at a 0% battery charge before plugging it in. Grabbing your updated cell phone charger once it’s at 40% will conserve your battery’s strength and extend your device’s lifespan.

Computer A Little Behind? Try Out The Newest USB Cables

Back to the PC end of things! If your computer is a little on the old side and you need to find a cost-effective way of keeping up, just take a look at your USB cables. These are used to connect one device to the other, arguably some of the most common cables you’ll encounter. USB 2.0 complaint devices are able to reach a maximum transmission rate of 480 Mbps or so. USB 3.1 compliant devices boast the ability to transfer data at 10 Gbps, as well as backwards compatibility with older models.

Need Some Extra Assurance? Power Strip Surge Protectors Are Your Friend

You want to protect your investment, right? When you buy your newest USB cables, consider adding a surge protector to the mix. These are designed to protect your electronics during the event of a storm, that of which can fry your devices and leave you technologically stranded. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, nearly 80% of Americans today go online every day. The number of joules listed on your surge protector represent the energy absorption rating, so try to get the highest one you can find!

The newest USB cables and lightning cables are ready and waiting. Beef up your set-up today so you can save time tomorrow.

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