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These 3 Signs Will Tell You If You’ve Found the Right SEO Company


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Imagine this scenario: Your website just isn’t getting any hits, and business has come to a crawl. You search online for search engine optimization services and give one a call. What they say sounds promising. “Sure, we’ll get you to page one in Google in no time!” they promise you. And they might, but pretty soon your website isn’t even appearing on Google results. That SEO company used some shady tactics and got you a whole bunch of bad quality backlinks instead, and now your rankings have tanked.

Perhaps you don’t have to imagine that situation, or, if you do, it’s your worst case scenario. If you’ve been looking for SEO services, however, then know that there are ways to find good quality SEO. Not sure how to tell? Here are some signs that you’ve chosen a great SEO company:

  • Transparency: If you’re not sure which tactics your SEO company is using, then they might not be the right fit for your business. SEO consultants should be honest and upfront about where they place your backlinks. Equally as important: they should also provide you with high quality onsite content that meets your standards. Not knowing what your SEO service is up to when you ask about your campaign is usually a warning sign that something isn’t right.
  • Reporting: Want to monitor your progress? If you’re concerned about your rankings, or if you need a peek behind the curtain to see how SEO works, make sure your SEO consultants have good reporting tools. This will show you where you stand on specific keyword rankings, and you can also get a glimpse of your other internet marketing campaigns, such as pay-per-click advertising or email marketing.
  • Additional Web Marketing Services: Have a mobile responsive website? If not, your SEO provider should be able to recommend changes to your website to make it stronger. This helps it rank higher in Google, and it also allows consumers to find your easily when they’re on the go. Whether you need website design, social media services, PPC, or other content, make sure to talk to your consultants about what they can add to your SEO plan.

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