Three Facts About Ethernet Cables


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Everything can be connected to the internet. Computers, TVs, and wireless routers are all connected to the internet. Typically, this connection requires an network Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables can come in a variety of lengths, speeds, and styles. However, the basic construction and purpose remains the same. Whether your home or business needs a 75 ft Ethernet cable or 500 ft Ethernet cable, you can get the length you need to operate what you want. Here are some basic facts about Ethernet cables.

1. Ethernet cables are measured by speed. The 10 Mbps Ethernet cable is the most common Ethernet cable used today. It was invented by Xerox, Digital, and IntelR. This is ideal for households that include two or three computers. If your home has more computers or you are looking for new equipment for your business, you may need a to choose a higher caliber cable.

2. Faster can be better. People looking for faster internet connections often choose 100 Mbps Ethernet cables or higher. This speed will work better for a house with more computers and devices or potentially for a small business. All sizes, 75 ft Ethernet cable to 500 ft Ethernet cable, are available so you can arrange your home or office however you want and still get the connection you need.

3. Construction is important and unique. Ethernet cables are made of 4 pairs of twisted wires. This specific construction prevents interference from happening in the pairs. Other cables are constructed in other ways. The number of wires and the twists in the pairs is unique to the Ethernet cables and allows it to transfer large amounts of information from one device to another.

Where there are computers, there is internet. With cables of different sizes, 75 ft Ethernet cable to 500 ft Ethernet cable, you can connect devices in other rooms easily. The 10 Mbps speed will work just fine for most homes. Need a faster speed or have more people on it? Consider upgrading to the 100 Mbps Ethernet cable. This cable will give you all the speed you need for your home or small office. Also consider adding surge protectors and highspeed HDMI cables to your home arsenal. You can make a computer and a TV into a home entertainment hub for your enjoyment.

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