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Three Reasons Why Switching to the Cloud is Perfect for Small Businesses


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More and more people, corporations and companies around the world are seeing the advantages of switching their data and internal software from an in-house server to something called the cloud — essentially, a remote server that these organizations pay to use by the hour.

Wondering whether or not cloud hosting is a good idea for small businesses? The answer may just amaze you.

The benefits of switching to cloud server solutions for small businesses are pretty much endless, but we’ve whittled it down to this list of the three best reasons why small business thrives on the cloud:

A cheap dedicated server is secure and affordable

Compared to purchasing an entire data server, paying for dedicated server hosting from a cloud service provider is much less expensive. A dedicated server will only store one business’ information, making it a secure option that’s safe from data breaches and hacking incidents.

Small businesses have more options than ever when choosing which cloud service works

When a small business makes its initial shift over to the cloud, it can choose either a public or private cloud service. Public cloud services, like those offered by Google and Amazon, store a business’ data on a shared server and are often available at ridiculously inexpensive rates. Private cloud hosting companies offer the dedicated server space discussed above, but often charge higher rates. Within these two categories, there are an immense array of different service providers and storage plans available.

Cloud computing offers increased efficiency and frees up space

Because data and information stored on the cloud can be accessed from virtually anywhere, switching a small business’ data to a cloud computing server offers opportunities for telecommuting that were previously unthinkable. When employees can do their work from anywhere, they become more productive and more time-efficient. Even better? Having a remote server means more office space becomes opened up, which is a rare commodity in smaller offices.

Has your small business or company already switched its data over to the cloud with the help of cloud computing solutions? Share your thoughts and experiences with us by leaving a comment! Helpful sites.

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