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Use the Best Mobile Apps Available in Your Hospital


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If you work in a hospital or doctor’s office, is texting secure? Do you have HIPAA compliant email encryption? If you’re concerned about having a secure messaging service, you will probably want to seriously consider investing in new healthcare apps that provide mobile healthcare solutions.

These kinds of applications are part of what is called “Healthcare 2.0”–which is designed to facilitate better, more efficient communication among doctors, patients, and other relevant individuals or groups. Beyond mobile health applications, this kind of approach may include the dissemination of electronic medical records, as well as what is termed “telemedicine.”

Using this kind of technology can help to cut down on administrative costs while being very convenient, particularly when it comes to Medicaid. One completed electronic form can be sent through the appropriate channels in a more effective way than was previously possible.

When utilizing healthcare apps, you have to make sure that the technology adheres to HIPAA regulations, including how the apps handle Protected Health Information that is used healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other vital entities, so that the relationship between patients and healthcare givers is confidential and appropriate.

If the hospital in which you work has a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, it can be even more critical that you handle Protected Health Information sensitively. Otherwise, it can be compromised through incorrect handling of a device, losing a device, having the device stolen, or an inability to communicate necessary information to others who do not have the given device.

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