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Using SEO and Mobile-Friendly Sites to Boost Your Website Traffic


How to improve website performance

If you’ve tried to start a website, you’ve probably heard the term SEO before and wondered “What is SEO?” And why is it so important that I have an SEO friendly website design? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is how web developers make their pages more visible to search engines. For example, when an average user (who doesn’t pay for specialized results) searches for say, the phrase, “creating a website,” one of the factors in websites that appear on the first page of results is their SEO content. Here are some techniques for marketing a new website, which will hopefully answer the question of how to improve website traffic.

SEO Friendly Website Design
In a poll, 41% of B2CB marketers said that SEO made a huge difference in their lead generation goals. An SEO friendly website design will include lots of HTML text, especially for the important items on that page. Search engines don’t latch onto image-heavy or flash run websites. You also want lots of keywords that pertain to your content in HTML format, so the search engines can pick up on those. Try to think of what people might search for in relation to your content and work those phrases into your website. However, keep them natural and in line with your material, otherwise there’s a good chance the search engines might think your website is just spam and avoid it completely.

Mobile Access
One thing that can really help your SEO friendly website design is creating a mobile-friendly site. About 10% of all internet traffic is from mobile devices and with more and more people acquiring smartphones, that number is sure to grow in the coming years. Additionally, a study showed that about 61% of customers who couldn’t access a site via their mobile devices got frustrated enough to leave that site entirely and visit a competing site that did have mobile access. A professional website designer would be a great resource for converting your website to mobile and if you’re really tech-savvy yourself, there are plenty of online DIY guides. Experts say that optimizing your website for mobile access is one of the most effective ways to boost your SEO effectivity.

Think Local!
Increasing your Google ranking can only improve your website’s traffic. One great way to do this is to have your site use special, localized content, like reviews on restaurants, museums, etc., directions to various services, or FAQs/links to guides on the local area. In addition, regular blogging by your company can help keep your page up-to-date and helps generate user feedback. This helps Google’s algorithms rank your site higher. Promote your business on social media and in local areas (like newspapers, etc.,) as well.

Creating a web design that is versatile and responsive will influence how future web developers will build websites in the decades to come. You’re sure to see more and more SEO friendly website design and mobile-friendly design in web developers work in the years to come. Visit here for more information.

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