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What Role Does Chemical Purity Play in Your Job?


Pharmaceutical companies, drug development and research companies, biotech companies, and a growing number of universities rely on the machinery and technology that provides chemical purity for the work that they do. From the continued efficient production of drugs that have already been in production for years to the development of new treatment options, chemical purity plays an essential role in the health care of the nation through the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

In addition, there are undergrad and graduate students, as well as doctoral students who rely on the work that they do in a lab setting to not only complete their degrees, but also drive various technologies. In all of these settings, radiolabeled compounds and other kinds of gmp storage conditions are important.

Finding the Right Pharmaceutical Lab Supplies and Equipment Is Essential to Success in Many Fields

  • Thanks to today’s electronic sensing devices, maintaining and monitoring pharmaceutical clean room humidity measurements with strict tolerances at close as plus or minus 1% is now possible.
  • A recent survey of laboratories showed that roughly 20% of them were going to replace their fume hood
  • A laboratory fume hood must be checked at least once a year by an independent certifier to make sure it has the correct airflow to meet Cal/OSHA criteria.
  • Of those laboratories replacing their fume hoods, nearly 33% of those replacements were due to old age.<
  • Including the pharmaceutical sector, approximately 810,000 people work at chemical companies in the U.S.
  • In fact, the U.S. alone holds more than 45% of the global pharmaceutical market.

You do not have to spend much time in many laboratory work spaces, or manufacturing plants for that matter, to understand the importance of chemical purity and the careful attention to many other details. And while there are many times when labs continue to exist with older equipment, the best labs are equipped with state of the art technologies. As the summer of 2019 comes to an end, an entire new class of engineers and scientist in a wide variety of fields will continue to rely on the most advanced and accurate laboratory equipment for both the classroom learning today, as well as the occupational future tomorrow.

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