What’s Behind Cloud Computing’s Huge Growth?


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In 2014, it’s impossible to ignore the need for a solid IT infrastructure. As global commerce continues to move online, it’s more important than ever that businesses have high-quality server solutions they can rely on. Consider, according to statistics from Internet Retailer, web users around the world spend more than $1.25 trillion a year online. Businesses looking to tap into that huge revenue stream need a solid IT infrastructure.

Of course, as technology has improved and business has migrated online, the cost of running an in-house technology department has continued to grow. That’s why more and more business’s find themselves outsourcing to reliable server hosting firms. By outsourcing data storage and infrastructure needs, according to Forbes, most businesses find they can reduce their overall IT costs by as much as 23%!

Cloud Computing Growth Over Time
One of the biggest trends in business IT in the last few years has been the move to cloud hosting. If estimates are to be believed, business cloud computing will explode in 2014, marking huge leaps over 2013. As Forbes shows, spending on cloud hosting services is expected to increase by 25% this year, eclipsing $100 billion. While that doesn’t yet make up too sizable a portion of the $2.1 trillion being spent on IT around the world, the leap is significant and is just the beginning of a trend to a cloud dominated IT world.

Why Are So Many Turning Their Budgets to Cloud Computing?
Trying to reduce exactly why cloud computing is so popular to a few bullet points is a big challenge, especially when you consider just how many improvements cloud hosting makes, even over well thought of dedicated server solutions. That being said, here are a few of the biggest drivers behind this switch:

  • Increased Security
  • A recent study by Microsoft shows that almost every business that’s made the switch to a cloud hosting solution has felt safer since doing so. 94% of cloud users say that the cloud has brought their business increased security benefits. That’s especially interesting when you remember that critics claimed the cloud would actually damage businesses’ ability to defend themselves.

  • Customizability
  • As About.com writes, one of the biggest problem with relying on physical servers is that they weren’t customizable, not unless you wanted to spend significantly more money to get what you need. If you needed more space, you had to buy a hard-drive, more memory you needed to pay for a stick of RAM. Cloud hosting is completely customizable because you pay only for what you use. More Ram? You’re going to pay to use it, but you’re not also going to have to foot the bill for a new 8gb stick, or whatever the case may be.

In an age that’s increasingly pocked with huge hacking scandals while simultaneously being characterized by a move to a more virtualized world, companies need a solution that can speak to both issues. Cloud hosting, with its improved security and customizability, is increasingly seen as the best solution. To see more, read this: local.cbeyond.com

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