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Every smart business owner wants to market their company in the most effective way possible, and in this technologically-savvy world, that means using digital marketing solutions to advertise on the worldwide web. In the past few years, this has meant hiring SEO marketing companies, who focus on search engine optimization, to make sure your company website gets the most traffic possible. However, now that you can find free website design templates and other free services, some people now wonder if it is necessary to hire SEO expert services or graphic design companies in order to successfully advertise online. After all, why pay for something you could accomplish yourself? Why hire someone when you can just watch a website design tutorial online?

But the truth is that web SEO services are still an important part of any successful web marketing campaign, for a number of reasons: Firstly, because the ease and accessibility of technology has created a competitive advertising environment. According to statistics, there are over 100 billion internet searches conducted every month worldwide. Amidst all of these searches, and potential results, the website you created with free software can be ignored in favor of a competitor who hired a professional website design company and web SEO services.

Secondly, the popularity of online searches has shaped customers’ habits in a way that makes it harder to leave an impression: studies estimate that 75% of customers never scroll past the first page of search results brought up by a search engine. It is also estimated that 40% of web surfers will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. This can mean disaster if your website is ranked on the second page of search results or beyond, or if your website is poorly optimized. Meanwhile, web SEO services can boost your search ranking, and a good website design company can optimize your website for both computer and mobile usage.

Thirdly, web SEO content shows results: studies show that using SEO company services leads to an estimated 40% increase in revenue on average. And web SEO services are also efficient: when compared to other digital marketing services, inbound leads such as web SEO content are an estimated 61% cheaper to hire than outbound leads.

So, are you interested in improving your business? Are you looking for affordable and effective methods of advertising online? Forget the cheap software; hire professional SEO services and custom website design services today to boost your search rankings and revenue today.

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