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Why Your Company Needs A Change In Digital Services


The need for document scanning and imaging services will always be needed to provide vital information to companies and individuals alike—meaning digital scanning services will never be completely obsolete for their sheer purpose of being able to provide quick, efficient services to time-sensitive and other necessary documentation. The method of converting documents has have been used more than in recent years when technological advances were made to make processing times even faster for larger companies and individuals with a demanding workday that requires constant scanning and printing. Besides our phones, the next most relied on a piece of technology are computers and laptops that allow for instant interaction and relevant information being sent promptly. The use of scanning is hugely beneficial in the medical field because of the amount of time and effort it saves for many procedures and defects that might prevent patients from getting the proper medical care—NDT x ray digitization is a stride in medical technological advancements that have saved many lives.

Reasons To Outsource Your Scanning

Scanning can become tedious and time-consuming, especially for a company that’s always fast-paced to maintain the amount of efficiency required to meet the demands of a day-to-day basis. At first glance, it may not seem taxing—what’s the issue with allocating some time in the day to scan and send documents? It seems like a simple enough task. However, onsite document scanning and on site scanning services can pose an issue to certain companies that have no specific person or department allocated to ensuring documentation is scanned correctly and sent—on average, a document is scanned 19 times. Therefore, the reasons to outsource scanning are far more beneficial than one might believe.

1. Time management: To companies, time is money, and no one wants to waste money actively. The amount of time spend from scanning on site could be better sent finishing up necessary files or planning mandatory meetings to ensure a business is running as smoothly as possible. Mainly, in the medical field, there are specific procedures and protocol that is required to be met—most of the time it doesn’t include scanning an x-ray. NDT x-ray digitization (Radiograph film digitization) and scanning allow images to retain their quality and can store to computer data cabinets and has 25-50 years of data life for any previous documentation needed without having to scan x rays again. The use of eSigning reduces document turnaround by nearly 80%. Similar, companies without document imaging services or service for converting a document spend far more resources and time to accomplish less during the work day.

2. Cost effective: Not only does digital scanning services provide an immense relief of stress out of the workday, but it also saves money too. Research shows, companies spend an average of $20 in labor to file a document—$120 to find a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost document. Having a large format scanning services eliminates the outrages prices for an affordable rate with quality services that meet the needs of your company every time. Like, the medical field utilizes NDT x-ray digitization as an x ray scanning service, there are particular needs of a company that can only be satisfied through outsourced scanning services to prevent excessive spending and fatigue of employees.

3. Accessibility: Nearly everyone has some means to access the internet, making it the primary source of receiving any relevant information. The use of digital scanning services finds itself beneficial by providing everyone access to their files without requiring some elaborate method. For patients who need x rays scanned, NDT x-ray digitization allows a much more efficient method that releases results to a patient as soon as possible.

Why Digital Services?

The means of digital scanning services put a lot of people at ease knowing their documents are being handled professionally and in an allocated time frame to ensure all patients or customers receive their documents on time. Without services like NDT x-ray digitization, there would be no way to provide people with results in a timely manner, which would leave a considerable amount of people with a lack of information about their health status. NDT x ray scanning allows instant access to your medical record at your fingertips.

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