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Worried About Being Hacked? Use Managed IT Support Services


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When you’re focused on meeting the needs of your clients, the last thing you want is issues arising with your IT system. One of the most effective ways to prevent problems before they occur is to utilize managed IT services. If you don’t have a dedicated IT department, then hiring an outside team makes sense.

A company that provides managed IT services will be able to monitor your IT system on a 24-hour basis. In addition to pinpointing and addressing minor system glitches as they occur, other IT support includes keeping an eye out on potential hackers and other cybersecurity issues.

A staggering number of cybersecurity events occur every year. Recent figures indicate that there are 80 to 90 million of these happening on an annual basis. It’s interesting to note that approximately 70% of these attacks aren’t undetected.

In addition to having your system monitored on a 24-hour basis, you also have access to a help desk with managed IT services. This can come in handy when your system has an occasional glitch, or you are experiencing another type of issue that prevents you or your employees from performing important tasks.

Another benefit of having managed IT services is that they also provide cloud storage. If you haven’t already moved your infrastructure to the cloud, you may want to consider doing so. It’s an unfortunate fact that 140,000 hard drives crash every week, and you don’t want to lose your valuable data. Not only can this cost you time and effort, it can also prove to be expensive.

Quite a few businesses, approximately 59%, claim to only have their data backed-up in one location. While it’s still a good idea to use standard back-up systems, having cloud services can provide enhanced data protection. Furthermore, moving to the cloud can also save you money. A recent survey showed that 82% of the companies that moved their operations to the cloud noted that they experienced a reduction in business expenditures.

Furthermore, when you use managed IT services, you may be able to downsize your IT operations. The survey above also showed that 14% of the participating companies were also able to downsize due to increased efficiency. After just six months, 80% of these companies noticed other improvements with their day-to-day business operations due to using the cloud for applications and data storage.

There are, of course, other benefits to utilizing managed IT services. Once you call for a consultation, you will be able to learn more about how managed IT services can make a significant difference in your day-to-day business operations and security needs.

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