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15 Tips for Selling Your Car Fast


The people who are looking for new cars for sale should look at auto listing sites. They can easily research auto dealer prices that way. It’s often a good idea to do so before going to the car dealership directly. People should be able to search for any new car this way.

All of the auto search and sales features on these sites can make the process of learning about new vehicles more efficient. It’s still certainly a good idea for people to speak to the individuals who are selling the vehicles directly, since they might have a lot of specific information related to the vehicles. However, auto listing sites have all of the basic information that anyone should need.

Automobile listing sites have been incredibly valuable for both the buyers and sellers. Potential sellers have been able to reach more people this way. These sites can also make the auto sales process much smoother. Buyers will already know something about the vehicle before they even see the car in person. They can ask the seller more complex questions as a result. They’re also more likely to select the vehicle that will be ideal for them. Sellers will find automotive customers more quickly.

Today’s market is a competitive field in anything, whether it’s providing services, the greatest products, or sales. With the advent of the internet, social media, and marketing techniques, putting your business in the minds of customers is both easy and difficult. Once you’re able to get people talking about your place of business, selling your products and services is another issue. Selling your products has a lot to do with customer service, quality of the product, ability to fix any issues that come up, and most importantly how high of a demand your product has. No other product follows all these rules as cars do.

How to Sell that Car

Whether you own a car dealership, or are looking to sell your car in the private market, selling your car can be easy if you know how your market is, how to amp up your car, and how to seal the deal with customers. In order to sell that car, it can be fairly simple, you just need to conduct a bit of research and know how to make your vehicle stand out.

Where to Sell

If you want to sell that car quickly, you’ll have to start with a car that is desirable to people, and that will be a catch for anyone looking to buy a car. Next, you’ll want to make sure to advertise your car, and be able to utilize great advertising to get the word out there about any sales you’re offering. Finally, you’ll be sure to want to continue to sell your vehicles to the right people, so you’ll want to maintain a good customer base and good customer service. These, plus some other tips, are fairly easy to do, yet so important when it comes time to sell that car. Here are 15 tips you can follow in order to increase your chances of selling your car. Follow them with ease to ensure smooth sales ahead.

1. Properly Maintenance Your Vehicle

The first thing to do when trying to sell that car is to properly maintenance your vehicle. This is true whether you work at a car dealership, or are simply looking to sell that old clunker in your garage. It’s important to fix any big maintenance issues, such as issues dealing with a vehicle’s transmission or engine. If you’re just starting a car dealership, or are looking to sell that care that’s been giving you issues, make sure to fix any big-ticket issues beforehand. This is unless you’re running a repairable vehicles for sale shop, in which case, be open about what cars need what work.

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2. Fix any Cosmetic Issues

It can be easy to want to sell a car quickly without fixing cosmetic issues. However, serious buyers will want to buy a car that runs good and looks good as well. If you run a dealership, it’s bad presentation to have vehicles that look old and ill-maintained for sale. Get the help of an auto body shop to help you fix any major dents, chips, cracks, or scratches. This will help you sell that car either from your home or from your dealership quickly.

3. Get a New Paint Job

It’s not just enough to get the car you want maintained and fix any dents. You might need to get a new paint job if you feel nobody is looking to buy your car. If you had a unique paint job on your vehicle beforehand, this might work against you and not be the taste others are looking for. Get the help of an auto body restoration shop to help you restore even the oldest of cars with a good paint job. A good paint job can provide nostalgia, great photo opportunities, and play into the imagination of future buyers.

4. File Appropriate Paperwork

Once you sell that car, you’re going to want to file appropriate paperwork beforehand. If you’ve paid off your car, have the pink slip ready to transfer over to a new buyer. In addition, keep good insurance on your car while it’s waiting to be sold, even if it’s not in use, and keep this paperwork handy too. An auto insurance agent can help you figure out what insurance you need should anything happen to your vehicle. More paperwork to have handy is registration, receipts for used car parts, and any other receipts for work you have done on your vehicle.

5. Take Great Pictures

If you want to sell that car quick, one of the best things you can do is take great, professional quality pictures of your vehicle. Focus on lighting, taking detailed pictures of the inside and outside of your vehicle, and place your vehicle in a clean lot so that it really stands out. These pictures should be able to be large enough to have good detail to place in a flier, social media sites, or even your website.

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6. Keep a Great Website

The majority of small businesses have a website, and your small auto dealership should be no different. Your dealership can sell that car fast by maintaining a great website that is easy to navigate, has useful links, and has articles that people want to search. These articles will help people find your website easily. In addition to having a great website, it’s essential that you are able to use this website and maintain it appropriately in order to ensure that your future customers aren’t confused when navigating it. Keep up to date pictures, useful information about your vehicles, and any information that relates to your car body repair and maintenance on your website as well. Customers love to have as many details as possible before making a purchase, and they love to shop online as well. Combine the two experiences into your website for a successful auto deal!

7. Use Kelly Blue Book

The Kelly Blue Book value of your car is the value that it should be sold at in order to break even, that is, the true value of your vehicle. If you’re selling your personal vehicle and want to be competitive, you’ll want to stay a little bit under this value. The value is considered by several factors, including color, mileage, make and model and year of your vehicle, and if there’s any past owners or modifications among other things. This is why it’s important to get your vehicle repaired by everyone from auto glass repair, to regular auto maintenance. The better in-shape your car is, the better the price to sell it!

8. Use Social Media

If you are either selling your car by yourself, or have an auto dealership to run, using social media can be great to sell that car fast. Social media has lots of followers that have interests in different niche communities, and getting in touch with these communities can help you gain attention to your shop or vehicle. For instance, if you run a motorsports store, you can easily build up a social media following of motorcycle lovers. Certain cars, such as Miata’s, Tranz-Am’s, and Corvette’s also have their own special car-lover followings. Take advantage of this, and post onto your social media to attract car enthusiasts and buyers alike. Take the time to use hashtags, even hire some models to pose with the cars you want to sell. It all makes a difference.

9. Post Fliers

Some people might not have internet or social media, so what better way to sell a car locally than to use fliers? Though they might seem old-school, fliers are a great way to attract local buyers that want to buy a vehicle and contact the seller right away. Fliers often seem more personable, and can be even more eye-catching than some social media posts since they can be seen in-person. Make sure to put your website, contact information, and details in the flier that relate to price and where the vehicle can be seen. Or, you can even post signs on your car itself to let locals know it is for sale.

10. Pay for Ad Space

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Like flyers, an ad can help you sell that car fast to possible buyers that don’t use the internet or social media. Some ad space you can buy to advertise your dealership or your car include your local newspaper, billboards, radio, and TV ads. Radio, TV, and billboard ads should be done professionally in order to attract the most attention. These ads work well for a car dealership that wants to get a catchy slogan to attract customers to their store. You can even hire a public relations professional to not just do ads for your vehicle, but for your dealership as a whole. Newspaper ads work well if you’re just a local trying to sell their vehicle. These ads can still be seen by people who read the paper, and are generally cheaper than a full radio or TV ad.

11. Use Word of Mouth

Sometimes, the best way to sell that car is to use simple word of mouth. Ask your neighbors if they are interested in buying your car, or if they know anyone who is. Neighbors are perfect, since they are generally familiar and trustworthy to you, and have more than likely already seen your car often. Friends and family, even posting onto your personal Facebook or Instagram page is a great way to let people know your car is up for grabs as well.

12. Be Easily Accessible

Don’t list a phone number or e-mail that you hardly check on your car’s fliers or advertisements. Though safety might be an issue, use a phone number such as a Google number that still masks your number, while letting others contact you. Or, use a professional e-mail account dedicated to your auto dealership, or an e-mail that you will check while trying to sell your car. If you are inaccessible to future buyers, they will not hesitate to go somewhere else to get their car needs met.

13. Have Great Customer Service Skills

Having great customer service skills is essential for any business owner or employee. This is also the case when trying to sell your car as a lone person. No one wants to buy a car off of someone who is rude, not willing to schedule meet-up times, and doesn’t want to share information about their vehicle. Have a good appearance, meet with people on a timely basis, and be available to answer any questions they might have. Good customer service goes a long way in helping sell that car. If you own a dealership, customer service will keep people coming back and shopping at your dealership for years to come.

14. Answer the Tough Questions

If your car was in an accident, or you had to get the help of bondsman agents after getting a DUI, and your car was in an accident because of this, don’t be afraid to disclose this information. We all make mistakes, and it’s better to be upfront about past accidents to future buyers. In addition, be truthful about any repairs your car might need, or any other information someone wants to know about your vehicle. Telling the truth and even making a contract with all this information on there is better than having to face a legal lawsuit later on due to your refusal to disclose vital information.

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15. Ensure your Vehicle is Secure

Vehicle theft and vehicle auto part thefts are on the rise. Knowing this, it’s important to protect your car and make sure it is secure from potential thefts. Protecting your car muffler, catalytic converter, and making sure your locks on your doors are working are all great measures to take to ensure your car doesn’t get stolen while waiting to be bought. In addition, if you own a car dealership, make sure your storefront is protected by hiring security, or having a great security system with cameras and alarms installed.


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