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6 Element of a Successful Mobile App Design for Business Marketing


If you’re looking to create a mobile app for your business or brand, you must avoid or at least minimize the common errors that occur during the app development stage. The idea is to focus on the most fundamental parts that will bring the most out of your mobile app design.

In a society where people connect more using smartphones and tablets, businesses are now forced to embrace practices that allow them to reach their audience much faster. The following key elements will help you create a successful mobile app that allows you to communicate with your target market in a more personalized and interactive manner.

1.Increase user registration
Website and application users are more demanding than ever, and a lot less patient. Therefore to increase the number of app visitors to registered users, you need to make it easy for users to set the app. Ensure to use headers and simple language that’ll make it simple for users to understand what you’re asking for.

You can even choose to add social login option for your users. It simplifies the registration process and makes it easy for users to set up the app. Another important factor when setting up the registration process for your users is safety. If the setup process asks for credit information and other vital information, you need to guarantee your users that their information is properly secured.

2.Invest in a good design
Once a visitor turns to a registered user and starts to use your app, the first and perhaps the most important thing is to have its features easy and intuitive. However, making a mobile app design intuitive is a tough process that factors in both the psychological, physical and cultural environment behind human interaction.

The first step to having an intuitive app design is ensuring you have a simple app interface with attractive colors and important design features that makes it easy for users to see and interact with. Simple interface with complementary colors is known to improve user experience and reduce application bounce rates. A good mobile app design allows smooth interaction between the audience and your product. Depending on the industry you are in, there are numerous features you can add and make your app even more valuable. Examples of interactive features to have in your app design include but not limited to wizards, calculators, and forms.

3.Focus on the minor details too
In the application and web design, sometimes it’s not enough to ensure the main features and tools of your app are convenient. You have to factor in even the smallest of functions and make sure that they won’t in any way affect your user’s experience. This is particularly important during your regular updates on the app. When conducting a bug fix, test the minor elements of your app to ensure continuous app stability.

4.Collect users feedback
One way to improve your app user’s experience is by regularly gathering customer feedback. Your app design company probably knows your app better than anyone else, but it’s possible to overlook things since you are too close to your work.

5.Ensure to update regularly
Don’t assume that once your app is published and that customers are using it that’s all. For your app to be competitive it needs to be updated frequently either weekly or monthly. The advantages of keeping updates on the reg are that it keeps it more stable and secure while ensuring it remains competitive in the market.

6.Monetize your app but don’t sacrifice user expereince
While the idea is not to make money through the app, it’s equally important for your app to be profitable. But this shouldn’t mean you sacrifice user experience in the process. This means that the adverts you choose to place on your app should relate to what you’re offering, otherwise it’s a put off for users and they might lose interest altogether. Choose ads that complement your content and a good example is the rewarded ads that can be introduced using the Software Development Kit.

In conclusion, investing in good mobile app design can help position your business in a better place and let you enjoy the benefits of digital marketing.

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