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Five Mistakes To Avoid In Containment


There is a real need for efficiency, saving money, and the “greening” of the data center supplies in this country. These important needs are making organizations consider aisle containment to manage their airflow in the data center. One good thing though, is that in a few states across the country, hot aisle-cold aisle containment in data centers is mandatory. Which is the way it should be in every state of the United States. When talking about hot aisle containment in data centers, here are five mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Make Assumptions

It isn’t good to make assumptions about anything, let alone thermal containment systems containment in data centers. When trying to maintain a well-specified hot aisle containment options containment center, making fewer assumptions will mean the best results for your data center. Although assumptions are bad for almost everything, being specific and guessing less in the containment of a data center is really important.

Current Cabinets

There are some situations in some data centers that will make you have to either attach your thermal containment solution to a cabinet or-or sit on and rest on top of your cabinets. Because of this, you need to know everything about your cabinets. You should especially know the provisions on the top panel of your cabinet so as to know whether it is hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment.

Skyscraper Rows

We all wish we lived in a perfect world. However, none of us do and the same holds true for your cabinets with skyscraper rows/ Skyscraper rows are a row of cabinets at different heights. One solution to these uneven cabinets is to make sure you mark down their heights and the number of cabinets in that height. By doing this, you will have better information about your thermal containment systems.

Making Supporting Structures Available

Although having supporting structures in a data center is very important, However, this mostly applies to your data center’s ceiling. You should make it known early on about what type of ceiling you have because this will be important information for your thermal containment systems solution.


Containment is a dedicated system to help you with your data center. It also makes sure that a few people haven’t come back yet.

Getting to know the containment of your data center is a great idea and one that is hoped to drive a meaning specification that will drive you to further get to know your data centers in the future.

Did you know, 65 percent of IT equipment failures are mainly because of the failure to have enough air conditioning to stay cool?

Here is a fact; data centers that are older than 7-years-old are said to be out of date. This is according to the new “greener” companies that know about climate change.

Things are huge in the data world. 80 percent of data center owners are not driven. This is one reason why we have been buying it somewhere.

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