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Are You Taking Your Houses Foundation For Granted


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There is an old joke about those construction fences with the holes cut in them. If there weren’t holes, people would be climbing over the fences to get a better look at what is going on. It is a thing of wonder to witness a building being constructed. We all have the iconic images of large bulldozers, cranes and other heavy equipment humming away to create a new home, shopping center or office building, but have you ever taken the time to consider more than the outside.

The Saying a Good Bones Make a Good Structure is True

There is a common saying in the home renovation industry, that a house has good bones. This means that the foundation and the shoring systems are in good working order. The same way you can’t create a good house without a good foundation, you can not create a good building without a good construction propping system. Construction propping systems have many different types of forms and there are various types of shoring and shoring equipment that are used in different construction propping systems.

What is A Construction Propping System Used For

A good analogy of construction propping comes from an unexpected, but familiar source, toothpicks. Think back to your grade school science class. Many of us probably had the assignment to create a structure out of toothpicks. This is no easy task if the proper consideration was not put in. The things that needed to be taken into account were, stability and the strength of the structure If your creation lacked in any of these it would be able to effectively stand on its own. In general, Construction propping is used
to transfer the strain and load away from the frame of the construction, the walls and ceiling and redirect that weight to the ground. This redirection of force makes it possible to make certain adjustments to the structure, without the risk of the structure caving in or other such dangerous instabilities. Much the same way a toothpick structure created from triangles is more effective than one that was made of a square, rectangle or circle.

The next time you are looking in awe at a renovation or a new building being constructed, think about how those simple toothpick structures have informed a whole industry of new and innovative construction techniques.

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