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How IT Services Impact Productivity


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Managed IT services are an important aspect in most businesses. Having solid IT support, as well as network monitoring and security, is critical to ensuring that interruptions and other intrusions, such as computer viruses or hacking, don’t occur. Other reasons for implementing IT services in companies is to help boost productivity, increase Web traffic, and generate sales leads.

IT solutions have been designed to allow employees to have flexible work options. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to work from home via connection to the company’s virtual private network (VPN), or a similar remote connection. According to research, 69 percent of larger companies often allow their employees to work remotely, while 31 percent work in the office. As for medium companies, the number of remote workers is approximately 55 percent versus 45 percent who work in-house.

The ability of IT services to allow flexible work arrangements has been helpful for most businesses. For instance, the employer can save money on office space, while employees can concentrate on their work and be more productive. In other research, around 67 percent of workers felt that working from home or remotely improved their productivity, 26 percent remained neutral about such option, and 7 percent of workers did not feel as productive compared working in the office.

At other times, IT services can be used to generate greater Web search traffic. The challenge is to create keywords, blogs, and websites to attract online users, since approximately 60 percent of Web search clicks go to the top three results. What’s more is that Google changes its search engine algorithms 500 to 600 times each year, so keeping up with Web search trends is essential.

Blogs also trend highly, so companies may consider creating a blog to generate more attention to their brand. According to research, blogging can help companies, as 55 percent have reported increased blog traffic. Results have shown B2B marketers with blogs can boost their lead sales by 67 percent, compared to their competitors without blogs.

Among the challenges B2B marketers face is to generate quality sales leads. Using managed networking and IT services can help B2B companies by implementing the right tools for blogging. That way, marketers can use blogging along with their other resources to improve lead generation.

Overall, IT services help in all areas of a business internally and externally. These include boosting workplace productivity, whether employees work in-house or remotely; improving Web search traffic, and generating increased sales leads.

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