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Businesses Have Their Heads in the Cloud


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Any successful business person will tell you that a large part of being successful in business boils down to staying on top of new trends, and knowing when to embrace them. That’s especially true today, when “the next big thing” comes along every other second.

In today’s business landscape, computer networking and digital technologies aren’t simple trends. They are becoming a new way of life. And the pulse of that life if shifting towards cloud computing.

Simply put, cloud computing is using a network to store data and information via the internet, instead of traditional local servers. The practice allows businesses to cut down on costs and manage data more efficiently across numerous channels. Research shows that 59% of businesses utilize cloud storage, because it streamlines development and application integration. The cloud allows businesses to share and analyze data within a company, as well as with important third-parties.

The cloud is becoming the norm in data services. By 2018, it is expected that the global market for cloud equipment will a $79.1 billion market. And as the market grows, expectations to reinforce and keep cloud-based data safe is becoming a top priority.

Companies are turning to cloud consultants and cloud broker services to protect their data. A cloud consultant, or cloud service broker, acts as a liaison between businesses and their cloud service providers. By providing cloud assessments, the consultants can devise a cloud storage plan tailored to individual business needs. Besides just providing cloud storage, these brokerages offer cloud security assessments, make sure data is shared seamlessly across multiple services and provide value added services, like identity management, in order to enhance businesses’ existing data management services.

Recent surveys show that 52% of companies polled have updated their cloud services, or plan to over the next year. And the International Data Corporation (IDC) projects public spending on cloud services will increase to $100 billion in 2016, up from $40 billion in 2012. With such a splurge in the cloud computing market, reliable cloud broker services will be in greater demand than ever before.

In order to benefit from new data technologies, it is vital that to understand your business’ needs and become educated about the options available. Cloud computing and cloud storage remains a young field. The presence of The Cloud has made saving and sharing information incredibly easy and created a wealth of new opportunities to mine useful data analysis. But, maintaining data security remains a top concern.

A survey of cloud services customers shows that 43% consider the reliability of cloud services is more important than cost (28%) or ability to integrate with existing storage platforms (27%), when it comes to selecting a cloud service provider. Reliability and security will always guide smart business decisions.

Contact a brokerage company today and see how their cloud broker services can improve your data storage and security needs. Cloud computing is the new wave of the future. Start riding it now.

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