SEO 27 A web designer,Indianapolis search engine optimization,Indianapolis seo How A Savvy Digital Ad Agency Can Help Your Small Business

How A Savvy Digital Ad Agency Can Help Your Small Business


Digital media marketing

Did you know that your website has about 10 seconds to catch a visitor’s attention? If you don’t communicate what they’ll get out of your website and your company within those 10 seconds, that visitor will leave without knowing what services you offer. Even if they notice a product you’re offering, they’ll usually make a subconscious judgment about that product within 90 seconds of their initial viewing. Facts like these are why you should take web designing very seriously.

What Can Good Web Designing Do For My Company

Clean and streamlined web designing ensures that the most important parts of your site look the part. They need to be eye … catching and impressive, selling the site and company as much as the product or service. After all, users only read about 28% of the content they see on a web page … you want to make sure that that relatively small percentage is made up of the most vital information.

What Makes Digital Marketing SO Important?

Internet marketing benefits are clear once you recognize exactly how important the Internet has become to peoples’ shopping experiences. It’s been suggested that 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop. Additionally, 39% of customers in general come from search engine use; that’s a huge number of potential buyers using the Internet to do their shopping.

But Can’t I Design My Website On My Own?

Professional web design is a must … your users will know when you’re using and providing amateur services. For example, a slow site is an easy result of poor web design. Most consumers wait about 5 seconds for a site to load on their mobile device, and 3 seconds on their desktop computer. Thus, a slow to load site equals lost customers.

But How Important Is Mobile Marketing Anyway?

Making your website accessible to mobile device users is vital to success in the world of digital media. Two … thirds of cell phone users say they access the web and email from their devices, while forty percent of users will choose a different search result if the first isn’t mobile friendly. As 25% of all online purchases in 2010 were driven by search, that’s a lot of potential customers lost to faulty searches.

You can’t underestimate the importance of good digital media marketing. It could make or break your business, especially if your services or products are Internet … dependent. But with the help of a good Internet marketing agency, you should see success in no time!

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