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Contracting Software What You Ought to Know


Government cost estimating software

Any seasoned contractor will tell you just how challenging the business can be. Especially bidding on government contracts, contractors face daunting odds. A government contract bid has about a 12% chance of getting accepted. There are more than 2,000 government agencies in the United States that grant Request For Proposals (RFP), though that is still not enough to guarantee a contract for any business. The 200,000 cost analysis in the U.S. are busy at work sifting through, and drawing up, these RFPs.

Because government bidding opportunities are virtually slim to come by, contractors are always looking for solutions in winning those contracts. Many companies use proposal management software when responding to a RFP. What is proposal management software? The software (also known as proposal creation software or simply proposal software) is designed to handle all the dirty work of creating a response. Responses must not only be thorough and prompt, they need to be articulate. A brilliant business plan is all well and good but if it is not easily understood or engaging, all that planning can come to nothing. Proposal management software handles nearly every step in the bidding process.

Responses to RFPs tend to require a lot of paperwork: quotas, referrals, estimates, insurance policies, company history, employee information, inventory, business plans, statements of purpose, etc. With government bidding opportunities especially, solicitors want to be extra sure that they get the best people for the job. Proposal software gathers all the necessary documents and checks for missing or duplicate papers (which is quite a problem for more complex RFPs). The software can then organize and present the response in an appealing and clear way, giving the response its best chance of being accepted.

Contracting is not an easy business but when it pays off, the jobs are endless. For more information about proposal management software, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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