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Three Simple Tips for Better B2B Lead Generation


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B2B lead generation is one of the biggest focuses of any B2B web marketing agency, and for good reason: it’s estimated that about 50% of B2B companies will increase funds for their lead generation campaigns this year, but 61% of B2B companies still admit that they have a really hard time finding high-quality leads that actually convert into positive results.

So how can you adjust lead generation campaigns to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality leads possible, without spending more than you need to?

  • Do your research. It’s no secret that the B2B industry is very different from the B2C industry largely because of who the “customers” are and how they go about shopping for products/services. When you’re selling a product to a B2B buyer, you’re dealing with a professional business that already knows a lot about the industry and won’t fall for the same “fluff” that B2C marketing campaigns can use. If you aren’t knowledgeable about marketing and the industry of your client, then you simply won’t have successful lead generation campaigns.

  • Don’t sell the product — instead, market the company. You don’t want to take a traditional sales-y approach of “Can I show you what products we have?” Instead of viewing these interactions as sales pitches, think of them more like meetings with the potential client — try questions like “What features matter most to you?” or “Is there anything about your current supplier that you’re unhappy with?” And then the most important part: Listen.

  • Take some risks. B2B and online marketing can be difficult because everything is just a little vague and contradictory; for example, content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular strategies behind successful lead generation campaigns, but B2B online marketing companies have been quick to note that it’s nearly impossible to predict risks, and even to measure results, with content marketing. As a B2B marketer you’re naturally more inclined to look for numbers — which is good — but don’t be afraid of taking some non-numerical risks too, because the end results can be really great.

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