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Three Fun Games You Didn’t Know You Could Play With a Camera


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Who said you only had to use your point and shoot digital camera for serious, artsy shots or vacation pics? Here are a few awesome party ideas that will put your point and shoot digital camera to good use!

Hand Help Polaroid Frames.

If you want a quirky way to make your party more memorable, take a couple big pieces of cardstock, and make some Polaroid picture frames people can hold up for a fun picture. You can even write things on them, like “I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?” or a hashtag. It’s a cool little thing you can do to get people to pose and be silly.

Self-Timer Hot Potato.

Since most point and shoot digital cameras come with a timer nowadays, why not use yours to play hot potato? Set it to however long you’d like (just be sure to give it enough time to get some passes in), and then have people toss it around a party like it was a hot potato. When the timer is about to go off, the person has to take an impromptu shot, be it a selfie or a candid one of unwary partygoers. This is always a huge hit, and always produces some pretty fantastic shots.

Scavenger Hunts.

Last but not least, go on a photographic scavenger hunt. Come up with some crazy things to take pictures of, break into a few teams, and go forth to see if you can find them. They don’t even have to be items, either. They can be people doing things (like getting a piggy back ride from a stranger), certain places (like a certain view of your city), or whatever!

If you don’t already have a point and shoot digital camera, you can find some really fantastic deals through online digital camera stores. If you have any questions, or know of any other cool ways to use a point and shoot digital camera, feel free to share in the comments.

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