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Custom Transfers for Your Business 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Heat Press Machine


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Custom transfers are used for a variety of projects, making the custom transfer business a busy one. Whether custom transfers are needed for apparel, signs, office equipment or even housewares people are looking for these transfers on an ongoing basis. An average of $1,700 is spent on apparel each year including apparel with wording or designs on it. Wearing apparel with custom transfers is one of the easiest ways to advertise your business without going door to door or person to person. T-shirts are extremely popular pieces of apparel, and are worn quite often. For over two decades these articles of clothing have been worn, so the word T-shirt has actually been added to the dictionary. This means that having custom transfers on T-Shirts can provide you with simple advertising without costing you an arm and a leg.
When thinking about custom transfers, a heat press machine probably comes to mind, since these machines are used to create custom transfers. Many businesses use these machines to create custom transfers. When deciding on one of these machines there are few things to keep in mind to make sure that you make the right choice. Read below to see tips for choosing the right machine.

Hours of Use

Consider how long you will using the heat press. When deciding on what types of heat press and whether specialty heat presses should be considered it is important to consider how much you plan to use the heat press machine. If your heat press will be used for a variety of different types of projects such as custom transfers or heat transfers then it will probably be used for a significant amount of hours each day.

Operating procedures

While you are considering how long you will be using your heat press, consider how you want to use it as well. Do you want to manually do most of the work of the press, or would you rather have the heat press do the work on its own? Some machines use muscle power in order to do custom transfers while others use air to close them. Consider who will be using it and which options best suit the needs of those using the machine.

Machine Build

There clam shell machines and swing away machines. Consider how the machine will be used and how you want the finished product to look when deciding which build best suits your needs, and the needs of your business. When choosing the heat press, make sure that you choose the one that accommodates your projects. Even if you only do larger bulkier projects every once in a while, it will still be important to have the supplies that you need for those projects rather than having to borrow one or find one that can accommodate your larger and bulkier projects.

Custom transfers make sense for any business looking for exposure. The global industry that contains clothing and textiles is currently worth over two and a half trillion dollars, so getting in on one of the biggest industries is a sure fire way to gain the exposure your company needs. Choosing a heat transfer machine to handle your custom transfers allows your company to produce a variety of custom transfers for a minimal amount of money, while exposing your business name. The amount spent could very well even out when you consider the new business that could be drawn with your very own custom transfers that you create.

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