Printed T-Shirts Help Commemorate Events?


The elementary school your daughters attended was a very special place for your family while the girls were in those Montessori classrooms. As a parent, you had a lot of fun volunteering in their classrooms and working on the PTO with other parents. Both traditional classroom parents and Montessori parents were big parts of our lives when our girls attended Norris, and some of these families are still very good friends. In fact, your younger daughter just graduated with one of her preschool Montessori classmates. With only a handful of Montessori friends at her high school, this was a special connection for your families. This year, however, you are empty nesters and are looking forward to the changes that will bring.

Although you know there will be lonely and sad moments, you also look forward to the times that you and your husband will have to explore some vacation spots that have been on your wish list and some local entertainment venues that you have rarely visited. The first thing, however, is to get the house in order.

Both girls may be out of the house now, but that does not mean that their things are out. In fact, one of the first transitional pieces you need to work on is the fact that there are literal boxes of t-shirts in every room. Show choir shirts, cross country shirts, gymnastics shirts, and shirts with logos of every school they have ever attended. And while those t-shirts carry some fond memories, you need to make sure that they are somehow organized and stashed away.
How Many T-Shirts Are in Your Home?

If your home is like most homes, you, too, have piles of t-shirts that your children do not want to part with. From the various sports heat transfers that athletes purchase at an event with participant names listed on the back to shirts that commemorate concerts and vacation spots, we are consumers who love our t-shirts.

With the advancement of the sublimation transfer press and the opportunity for more and more individuals and groups to own their own t-shirt printing option, it should come as no surprise that the apparel printing industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the sublimation transfer press is available in a variety of sizes and price levels, making it a great way for many groups to produce their own. printed apparel or for an individual to start a new business.

The beginning of the school year brings with it many changes and many opportunities, and one of those opportunities is the ability to make sure that everyone has a chance to join in school spirit. From staff shirts that promote the district’s educational theme of the year to the shirt prizes that are given at school carnivals, back to school nights, and other events, entire schools often have days where both teachers and students are encouraged to come to school decked head to toe in school colors!

And while t-shirt printing processes like the sublimation transfer press may seem simple in the hands of a trained operator, the fact of the matter is there are many important steps that are required to make sure that materials are correctly handled and that there is as little waste as possible. The sublimation transfer press machine itself requires careful attention to several details to keep it in the best working order. For instance, these and other heat press machines must be lubricated in specific spots. The joints and pins of the heat press, for instance, should by lubricated once a month with a high-temperature, non-melting grease.

Logistics and maintenance aside, there is every indication the t-shirt printing industry is one that will continue in some form for years. In fact, the U.S. apparel market was worth approximately $315 billion in the year 2016, and is expected to grow to an estimated value of $385 billion by the year 2025. T-shirts and other printed apparel items play a large role in these numbers.

The Guinness World Record for wearing the most t-shirts at once belongs to Sanath Bandara, who wore 257 at the same time. And while none of us would every wear them at once, we likely all have an equally high number of t-shirts in our own homes.

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