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Debunking Three Common Misconceptions About POS Systems


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If you’re just starting to shop for retail POS systems, it’s important to be aware that there’s a lot of misinformation out there. POS terminals can bring a myriad of benefits to your business, but if you let yourself be deterred by a misconception of what POS terminals are.

Here are a few common myths about POS terminals and systems and why they’re incorrect:

  1. POS systems are just fancier cash registers.

    POS systems are significantly more advanced than traditional cash registers and come with features including inventory and sales tracking, book keeping, automatic price updates and bar code scanning. Some POS systems will also enable you to incorporate customer loyalty programs, coupons and promotions into your sales plan. You can usually check sales data throughout the day to see what areas of your business need attention, and you can support multiple tender transactions for those customers who want to pay with cash and card.
  2. POS systems are too complicated to use.

    Many POS systems are surprisingly intuitive and straightforward, and you can work with your POS provider to get everything set up. Training usually takes less than an hour, and then anyone can operate the terminal efficiently. As for the terminals themselves, they usually come set up with the right software and peripherals, so all you have to do is plug them in and let them run.
  3. POS systems are too expensive.

    Though the initial cost can seem high, POS equipment usually pays for itself in a month, easily. You’ll be making fewer mistakes, which means fewer refunds, and you’ll be able to draw in more customers with promotions and loyalty programs. You also won’t have to turn anyone away for having a form of currency you can’t accept. You may even be able to find inexpensive or free systems that can be loaded onto existing devices like smartphones and tablets.

POS terminals can revolutionize your business. Work out a deal with a POS provider that suits your company and get started!
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