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Demystifying the Wild World of PPC Campaigns


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Whether you know a little bit about pay per click marketing and want to learn more or already know how to use pay per click to better market your business but are afraid to take the leap, then you’re reading the right article. Here you’ll learn exactly what pay per click marketing, or PPC, is and how PPC advertising works. Here we go and don’t forget to take some notes!

What is PPC?
Pay per click marketing is a model of internet marketing that gives advertisers the ability to show their ads on websites. For the exposure, they have to pay a fee each time one of their ads gets clicked on. In a way, it’s a means of earning visits through your website monetarily, while still being considered an organic means of marketing.
Of all of the forms of PPC, search engine advertising is the most popular. This form of advertising allows companies to bid for their desired ad placement within a search engine’s sponsored links. That way, when someone searches for a keyword that is related to their business offering, the advertisement would ideally show up first at the top spot of the Google results page.
Whenever a visitor clicks the ad and goes to your website, you have to pay Google or Bing a small fee. When PPC is working at its most optimal state, the fee becomes negligible, as the clicks will pay for themselves as much as 100-fold.
There are many factors that go into winning a PPC campaign, such as researching and finding the best keywords and organizing them into campaigns and ad groups. Ultimately, search engines reward advertisers who creative relevant campaigns, charging them less for clicks. If Google finds you PPC ads campaign relevant to users, they’ll lower your prices. This is why it’s essential to do it correctly.

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