Designing Better and Safer Fire Sprinkler Systems


A number of hazards may threaten a public building today, whether it be a hospital, school, bank, or office buildings. Floods can sweep away cars and property and cause a lot of conventional water damage, while an earthquake may topple furniture and even fracture or knock down walls. In some parts of the United States, tornadoes or hurricanes may blast buildings with strong winds or throw heavy airborne debris at them. But no matter what, a building anywhere in the United States faces the risk of a fire, and fires can be hazardous and destructive to people and property alike. But there are countermeasures to fire today, and fire protection system design software can e used by fire sprinkler companies to develop better hardware. An automatic fire sprinkler design can be used to meet modern fire safety standards and protect property and lives alike. Meanwhile, fire sprinkler companies can be contacted to install or repair fire sprinkler systems in a building. Fire sprinkler system installation can be done, and a building manager can rest easy. How can fire protection system design software lead to better fire protection?

Fire Suppression Basics

Automatic fire sprinklers have been used in the United States since 1874, and today, fire protection system design software is used by engineers to make these fire-fighting systems more effective and safe than ever before. Fire protection system design software creates a fire sprinkler layout suited for a client’s building, and a good fire sprinkler layout will cover all areas of the building. But fire protection system design software also keeps in mind the sheer water damage that fire sprinklers can cause. Putting out a fire is always worth the trouble, but whenever possible, fire sprinkler systems will only activate sprinkler heads in the burning area. This means that the fire will be put out, but other areas of the building will not be soaked unnecessarily. Water damage to retail merchandise or paper work can be extensive, and it may be a heavy price to pay for putting out a small, local fire. Fire protection system design software today aims for not just fire-fighting, but also efficiency. And once this system detects a fire and turns on, sprinklers in the affected area spray their water, and pipes in the ceiling keep them well-supplied for this work. Sprinklers may stay active for a set time, often long enough so that any fire is long since doused fully.

Better Protection

The owner of a building that needs updated fire protection will have a number of areas to cover. Fire sprinkler companies can be contacted to repair, update, or install sprinkler systems and detectors to protect the building from fire, but there are also other lines of defense against fire. Every building has designated fire exits, which are doors marked as fire exits. Employees in a building will be drilled to find and use these fire escapes, and it is typically against local fire codes to block these exits. On top of that, employees will be taught where to find fire extinguishers as well as how to use them. Employees may even watch a training video covering all of these details, and managers can show the employees where they should convene during a fire. Taking stock of who is present at the meetup site can determine if there is anyone who may still be trapped in the fire. Measures such as these can help put out fires sooner, or at least minimize the chances of someone getting trapped in the building and perishing from the smoke or heat.

What is causing these fires? Although smoking lit tobacco is no longer allowed in most buildings, there is often the risk of electrical fires. That is, a frayed electrical cord may expose its hot wires to drapes, papers, or carpets, and set these items on fire. Other times, misuse of stoves or burners in a kitchen may start a fire. And of course, there may be the threat of arsonists, criminals who set buildings on fire deliberately. If a building manager has reason to expect the threat of arson, security measures can be bolstered as well as fire suppression systems to prevent someone from setting a deliberate fire.

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