SEO 27 Bulk fiber optic cable,Usb 3.2,Usb 3.2 cables Do I Need HDMI Highspeed Cables? Try This Basic Quiz Next Time You’re Shopping For Electronics

Do I Need HDMI Highspeed Cables? Try This Basic Quiz Next Time You’re Shopping For Electronics


You’re thinking of upgrading your home office. Maybe you’re a beginner filmmaker that wants the highest quality equipment. Perhaps you’re interested in livestreaming games.

Doing this right means choosing the best cables for the job. You may be tempted to stick with the same old versions you’ve always been using, but resist the temptation! As technology changes, so too should you be updating every few years. This means ditching the CAT5 cables for CAT5e or CAT6 versions. This means taking a closer look at your surge protector and figuring out if it can even keep up with what you’ve got.

It means asking the right questions. Try out the little self-quiz below and see just what you need to do for your own home set-up.

Are You Aiming For An Efficient Home Entertainment Set-Up?

You’ve got a nice television, surround sound, and a game system (or three!). You’re thinking of adding a few more things to really spice up those long movie nights. To keep your audio and video quality on the up and up, consider looking into HDMI highspeed cables. These are designed to deliver only the most crisp results. The HDMI 2.0 hardware is the best available today, supporting bandwidth up to 18Gb per second.

Have You Been Trying To Upgrade Your Hobby To A Passion?

If you’ve been testing their gaming skills and want to go a step further, Ethernet cables are your go-to. These make sure your Internet is constantly delivering on all fronts, even when you’re raiding a particularly active dungeon. The CAT5 and CAT5e Ethernet cables are solid basics you can start out with. The CAT6 cables, however, are the toughest customers around and will ensure every session is more enjoyable than the last. These contain four pairs of copper wire, using all pairs for signaling.

Do You Want To Check Your E-mail And Watch Movies Without Worry?

For those on the opposite end of the spectrum, never fear. There are basic Ethernet cables and crossover cables you can use to keep your electronics running smoothly. According to the Pew Research Center, over 75% of Americans go online every day. Around 45% of those Internet users say they go online several times per day, to boot. The Cat5 cable, basic HDMI highspeed cables, and a few USB cables will go a long way with this set-up.

Are You Frustrated With The Way Your Phone Is Behaving?

It’s not just your television or computer you want to pay attention to. Even your phone should be getting some attention on the cable front! It’s recommended by most experts today not to wait until your phone is close to a 0% battery charge before reaching for the charging cable. Waiting until 40% will reduce stress on your battery and increase the lifespan of your device. A 2017 study revealed 65% of all Americans owned an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Have You Prepared For The Event Of A Power Outage Or Storm?

Once you find the right HDMI highspeed cables and fiber optic cables, your last course of action is to get a surge protector. Even if you use your electronics occasionally, this is an important part of your set-up. It ensures that a power outage or storm doesn’t fry your equipment, as well as protects lost data and reduces the risk of an accident. The number of joules listed for a surge protector will tell you its energy absorption rating. Ratings of 2,500 or more is considered acceptable for most set-ups.

Don’t let outdated cables slow you down! Find the best cell phone cables and HDMI highspeed cables for your set-up so you can do what you do best.

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