How to Choose the Right Surge Protector


People depend on electronics for a wide variety of purposes. One study from 2016 found there were 3.5 billion throughout the world accessing the internet. With that in mind, many people use computers to complete this task. By using surge protectors for computers, you’ll be able to continue browsing the internet without worrying about power surges. You don’t only have to purchase a surge protector for computer protection. Surge protectors also work well for protecting many other types of electronic items. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have these items in your home and business. Here’s how to choose the right type of surge protector.

How Power Surges Affect Electrical Equipment

Power surges occur for many reasons. Most of these surges take place after lightning strikes. However, you might be unaware that storms don’t always cause power surges. These events can take place after turning on an electrical item. In most cases, this type of power surge happens with items including air conditioners, and refrigerators. While these events are brief, they often cause damage that’s difficult to repair.

People dealing with power surges might find that computers, televisions, and similar items receive damage. Also, commercial power surges can destroy lots of expensive business equipment. A study from the Electrical Safety Foundation International found that 82% of respondents felt surge protectors were necessary to protect important equipment.

Choosing the Right Type of Surge Protector

To remain protected against power surges, you’ll need to utilize surge protectors. It makes sense to wonder about which surge protector to choose. Many people choose power strip surge protectors, as these can protect multiple types of equipment. This works well for protecting computers, monitors, printers, and other items.

Before choosing a surge protector, you’ll want to learn about joule listings. Surge protectors with higher joule numbers offer better protection. For instance, experts recommend protecting home theater equipment and computers with surge protectors featuring joule ratings at or above 2500.

Also, it’s important to choose surge protectors with enough ports. If not, you’ll be left having to choose which type of items need protection. In turn, this could lead to you having to replace several expensive types of equipment. For instance, many people write down how many connections they’ll need before purchasing a surge protector for computer protection purposes. This is because computer setups often consist of monitors, towers, printers, scanners, and other types of electrical equipment.

It’s also important to consider when you’ll need to replace surge protectors. Fortunately, these items protect electronic items for long periods. Frequent power surges can hinder the effectiveness of surge protectors. Therefore, it’s a good idea to replace surge protectors after a major power surge occurs. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend replacing your surge protectors every few years.

To summarize, surge protectors are extremely important items for people that use electronic devices. Without these items, you might find yourself having to replace expensive equipment after a power surge occurs. Whether you’re purchasing a surge protector for computers or home theater setups, it’s imperative to ensure you’re purchasing quality protective items. This allows you to live and work in peace, knowing your electrical items remain protected.

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