Finding the Right Scales for the Job


A major aspect of many industries is something simple but important: determining how much an item weighs. Units of measurements such as Imperial tons, pounds, and ounces are often used in the United States, especially in less formal settings. In business, however, the metric system is another common means of weight measurement, where kilograms, grams, milligrams, and perhaps even smaller units of weight are measured with lab equipment, dental office equipment, and more. These smaller scales are not the same size has huge loading cells; rather, compact bench scales for sale are small enough to place on nearly any counter-top or table, and they are an essential item to order from a lab equipment supplier. Finding compact bench scales for sale is an important job to do, but it can be fairly easy. A hospital, research lab, or pharmacy may have a regular supplier for industrial lab equipment, including compact bench scales for sale. Which industries need these small scales the most, and what are the advantages to purchasing compact bench scales for sale?

The Industries

Quite a variety of industries today make use of lightweight electronic scales, such as dentists’ offices. Dentists may need to weight dentures, crowns for teeth, dental bridges, and much more, so a small, electronic scale with a high sensitivity can do a lot of good. Dentists and their assistants alike can make use of these scales, and given the size and popularity of the dental industry, this can translate into a lot of purchased compact bench scales for sale. The dental industry is among the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the entire United States, and many millions of Americans visit the dentist every year. Over three million Americans also have dental implants, such as bridges and dentures, and more get them every year. Electronic scales are among the items used to make dental implants properly.

Jewelers and geologists also have a lot of need for these scales, and they may be weighing items that are highly valuable. Jewelers, for example, are working with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more that are worth a lot of money, especially if they have few flaws and are cut finely. Jewelers make anything from pendants to earrings to engagement rings, and specialty jewelers are common in the United States. These specialty jewelers generate just over 43% of the jewelry industry’s sales today, and these gems must be handled carefully. Microscopes and electronic scales alike allow jewelers to work out the finest details of their items, and this is essential for a demanding customer who is spending a lot of money on jewelry. Scales and microscopes help the jeweler deliver exactly what the customer wants.

The Power of Scales

There are many advantages to an electronic scale, especially a more compact model. Unlike some pieces of lab or work equipment, small electronic scales can be taken to a new site as needed, and they can be either plugged into a wall outlet or even run off of batteries. This can be very convenient for a jeweler, geologist, lab technician, or anyone else who might have need for these scales. Battery-powered scales can be used in remote locations that don’t have access to electricity, making them very useful. A scale’s units of measurement and other readouts can be adjusted as needed by the user, and a scale’s plate may be made of various materials, too. Some scales may have a stainless steel plate for weighing food, for example. In fact, many of these compact scales can be packed inside special carrying cases that have padding to protect the delicate scale from impacts, and the kit may include spare batteries or a recharge cable.

A jeweler or geologist or lab assistant may look online to find new scales to use on the job, and criteria may include the maximum weight allowed on the scale, its size, its battery life, and its sheer sensitivity. Some scales can register minute changes in weight, and some lab scales may detect weight differences much slighter than a regular bathroom or produce scale may be able to register.

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